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  1. He'll be fine he just shot poorly this game. If he was 5/9 with 12 points and got 1 more rebound he would've had a double double with 3 blocks and a steal.
  2. Watching his progression from game to game is amazing. Pick him up now or regret it later!
  3. General Soreness seems to be marching in the wrong direction..
  4. Noah Vonleh 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Hopefully he doesn't get Knox'd out.
  5. Trade him to the Lakers he needs some of that "BRON effect". Let's just hope he doesn't start spitting on people.
  6. The extra 3.6 minutes is what separates the General Soreness from being a Private Soreness.
  7. Agreed it's not like he's playing back to backs.
  8. Drop Melo for Nance??? WHIR

    Nance, but the spot is probably better open for streaming.
  9. Oh well. Fire up your KATs!
  10. Yes I believe they said he was training with Kobe in the off season. Oh well can't sell low so guess gonna hold for now and hope he finds his way into the offense.
  11. Will General Soreness be playing tomorrow?
  12. Wow just as I thought he was in a slump and making his way out.. he sank deeper.
  13. Jaylen Brown Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Drop city. Better real life player and super inconsistent stats.