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  1. For what it's worth, I dropped Humphries for Pettis this week. But I also play in a points only league, so it's not a playoff game for me. Good luck.
  2. The jets got me too. As we got later into the week and I saw them on top of so many defense rankings, I got very nervous. Considered picking up the chargers but didn't.
  3. I own both & Kupp IS an upgrade. He's on a high powered offense. Do the deal
  4. He already posted this "in week 4 when the Vikings played the Rams the Vikings D got -8 points"
  5. Agreed. Wish Mayfield would lose that stupid !@# headband. It's cutting off oxygen to his brain.
  6. I'd like to see that too, but with the skins down 21 points now, ain't gonna happen. The Redskins defense really had me fooled, I thought they were legit
  7. I'll be the contrarian & go with the Redskins
  8. This won't help you now (this year) but you may want to consider it in the future. I've been the commish of a Yahoo league since it's inception in 2006. 2 years ago, because of B.S like this, I switched the league to standings based on total points. (non head to head) That way when BS like this occurs, the team owner is only hurting himself.