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  1. COMP % 60.2 Yards 3296 Yards/G 253.5 Y/A 7.5 TD 33 300+ 4 INT 7 RUSH 64 YARDS 299 How quickly people forget the MVP like season Wentz was having prior to tearing both his ACL and LCL ligaments in his knee in 2017. And These numbers are only through 13 games. He tore the two ligaments in his knee mid Dec 2017 and doctors said it takes at least 9-12 months to make a full recovery. It was excepted that his 2018 season would be up and down due to the injury recovery. That being said, he still put up decent numbers in the 11 games he played. As for you stating there is no real premier talent surrounding him besides Ertz, I'm going to have to disagree with you. J Howard Miles Sanders Darren Sproles Alshon Jeffery D Jax Agholor Ertz Goedert And not to mention he has arguably one of the best O-Lines protecting him.