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  1. I have both just in case. I think Powell will take it to the next step in his own way this season since they now have the tools/team to make the playoffs--could be his extra motivation to fill up those stat sheets. Could see an uptick in rebounding (since Kristaps doesn't rebound as much anyway and also coming off from an injury) and/or blocks.
  2. I like OPJ. Excited to see where he finishes this season -- doesn't hurt you in any categories, but sometimes that's also due to the fact because he's not playing. Roto gold.
  3. Happy with my 2nd round pick. Hope he stays healthy all season long. The FIBA commentators were saying that he's been shooting from the line very well all summer long -- how good is it now?
  4. Draymond is going to be up on his a** telling him to stop taking long bombs, so expect a little rise in FG%. Lol
  5. Broke his hand on a chair in fact. Final thoughts on Time Lord? Anyone?
  6. He might be gone by the time it gets back to you in the 7th round. Guys in my draft who didn’t draft a top 30 point guard went nuts with the guards in the 4th-6th (or even 7th-ish) rounds. Roto.
  7. Where are you guys with the Grizzlies in terms of resting guys towards the end of the season? Not too familiar with them but I just remember getting f*ed over by Mike Conley 2 seasons ago, I would never trust the Grizzlies again. This could be a question in general about the Grizz. Thank you in advance.
  8. I didn't want to start off a thread like this (I'm a horrible thread starter), but since there's not a thread dedicated to him yet, f* it -- I'll f*ing do it. Can you predict his statline? Will he be able to maintain his assist numbers (yes, yes Brad Stevens system)? We know he's going to start off the season at 4, but I see him backing up Embiid come January for some reason. It just seems like he's no longer at the age where he can keep up with the young 4's at the 4 position. It just doesn't seem sustainable to play them as Twin Towers together. Does 10/6/3/.8/.9/1.5 triples on 52%/80%ft sound fair to everyone? I like him and I want to draft him, but I don't know if there'll be a huge dropoff in production this season. Some things to note: Horford's current Yahoo rank is: 59, but his ADP is 63.2 (unless they updated it recently) He just turned 33, and just in case if you didn't know, he's now with the Sixers.
  9. I feel like this is what we're getting with Dame until he falls off, whereas Beal could still get more assists and even possibly a 1-1-1 guy on decent percentages for a guard. Check his monthly splits last season. I love this guy.
  10. Lots of mileage on this guy and I've always passed up on him for the obvious reasons. 60ish games IMO as well but who knows.
  11. Yahoo has him pretty high right now and they can't seem to make their minds up as expected. What are your thoughts & your projected statline for Luka for this upcoming season? Is he worth the mid-late 2nd rounder?
  12. This is such a sexy name. Wonder if I’ll be grabbing him this season, if I don’t get Gobert, I’m locking him in and Bryant/Brooky for sure.