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  1. I love him. I went from bottom 4 in blocks to top 1 in a 14 team league 😂. I really don't care what happens to him, I'm keeping him 'til the end of the season.
  2. Roto player here and I'm still holding onto him. I can't imagine someone else benefiting 3-6 blocks from him. Nope.
  3. In bold is never going to happen: 1) the obvious Mitch can't play 30+ due to foul trouble 2) Fizdale Combine those two, and you have DJ for Fiz to use as an excuse.
  4. Some people are right, PHX f*ed us over. Their winning streak meant that it wouldn't hurt for NY to win some too thus more minutes for DJ.
  5. He can only bounce back from this. This won't go unnoticed, he knows what's at risk.
  6. Oh, this is brutal. Good thing I didn't start him tonight. Still hopeful.
  7. I've been holding onto to this guy for the longest. Time to drop?
  8. I just feel like the smarter choice would by Gobert/Capela, but high risk high reward with Robinson. But I do very want to draft him early next season in roto. Thanks.
  9. So where does this guy get drafted next season? Which round? Serious response, please. Haha
  10. 4 blocks. Vintage Collins, just like the good ol' days.
  11. Lol. It wasn't "ALL OVER TWITTER" when it first happened. Chill out.
  12. This should help us sleep. ....screw it, I'm getting something to drink.