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  1. my F'ing lord league winner how did I manage to scoop this guy up
  2. This guy's minutes been pretty low the past several games....
  3. Love this guy, but man whats up with his FT's lately. I'd be satisfied if he just shot his averages..but 45% from the line this month...
  4. That sure went downhill quick. Frustration fouls.
  5. What a stud. Its like every time he gets a injury scare - he comes back even stronger.
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-le-bron-james-to-play-on-minutes-restriction-for-rest-of-season-214756011.html
  7. 50% from the FT line today Screw this guy. I'm dropping.
  8. Feels like Atlanta always get the s--- blocked out of them.