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  1. He’s a borderline RB1. In the 3 games where he appeared fully healthy (and after having a chance to get acclimated), he scored 22, 17, 17. Against the Bears he had already racked up 40 yards in the first quarter and was running through them with ease before his injury. The Pats have been opening monsterous holes and Michel is a perfect fit for their style. If he was involved more in the pass game, he’d be a top 5 play, no questions asked. The good thing is that he’s a capable receiver, so he could actually see a few targets a game down the stretch. Michel will be a great asset in the fantasy playoffs
  2. Let me translate for everyone who is so confused. ”I really like attention... And I just want to clear the air before I make my grand entrance, so hear me out. I did what I thought was best, don’t be too mad at me. P.S. anyone who has James Conner in fantasy is about to really hate me. You should’ve known this was coming”
  3. Very high probability. A virtual guarantee
  4. A very small minority would have suggested he would be back and playing by week 8. The known date of return has always been near the 13th. And this has been a war of attrition. They may not have wanted to cave first, but it’s apparent through their open threat of using the transition tag (to combat any misinformation which could possibly sway him to sit the whole season), and Tomlin himself implicitly discredited Conner in an interview by saying “not to take anything away from Conner, BUT the line is opening huge holes right now”. Impeccable timing to detract from Conner’s play near the time that Bell is supposed to come back. Everyone knows Bell is the better back and he can help this team. The writing is on the wall. Only people who were disillusioned are Conner owners. Try paying closer attention
  5. Lol you thought it was funny anytime anyone suggested Bell would come back, but now you backtrack. Anyone who’s paying attention should know he’s in great condition. Of course he’s been preparing for his return. And “if” he can make plays? ? that O line and system creates massive holes. Better hope you don’t have any Conner shares come playoff time!
  6. Bell stated that a main concern of his was the amount of wear and volume that would accrue. All signs pointed to him coming back at the latest point possible, but BOTH sides will benefit from a reunion. It’s all business, there will be no ill will harbored. And people were scoffing at the idea of Bell coming back ???
  7. @oliminator123 @SharkSwimmer You guys just going to bury your head in the sand and pretend you didn’t adamantly insist he wasn’t going to come back?
  8. @oliminator123 @SharkSwimmer WOW, it seems like this is the likely scenario.