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  1. Won my game 167.5 to 166.5. League Champion. 12 team .5 PPR Watson Chubb Jamal Williams Mike Evans Mike Thomas (DUDE BAILED ME OUT) Kittle Mark Ingram Jake Elliott Rams The crazy thing is I left Nick Foles, CJ Anderson, Todd Gurley and the Pats Defense on the bench. Got smoked in my other championship game.
  2. Yes... Volume is the key here.... Rolling him out over script dependent Jordan Howard
  3. 12 team .5 PPR Watson Gurley/ John Kelly Chubb Mike Thomas Mike Evans Kittle Jamal Williams Jake Elliott Rams 12 Team Standard Pat Mahomes Zeke McGuire Cooks Alshon Robbie Anderson (Can’t believe I have 2 Jets) Gronk Jordan Howard/ John Kelly Greg the Leg Pats
  4. Meant to post that somewhere else
  5. I had Gordon and Gronk and still made it to the finals. They might as well just put 2.4 points next to Gronk for me right now. Save me the heartache of Sunday.
  6. Bro this kid better lead me to the championship game. I started him over Alshon, and Alshon delivered 21 points in my league. I need at least 15 to hold my opponent off
  7. Gronk is looking done like Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 3.... He’s slow and got nothing left.
  8. Having him, Josh Gordon and Gronk today really grinds my gears
  9. Up 28 in standard He has Brees and Michael Thomas I have Curtis Samuel Do I have a chance?