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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/WolstatSun/status/1109211813592399877 Would love an early IR designation...
  2. Yahoo glitch, I'm presuming. Fingers crossed he still somehow plays though...
  3. Had Lowry, Boogie, and Favors tonight. There goes my playoff chances 😭
  4. Fantasy is cruel. This massive line as soon as I dropped 😂 at least I still have Bullock I guess
  5. Was referring to this. He was on a roll until this game 😂
  6. Could be trying something different since the last time they played the pels, they got their asses handed to them?
  7. 1/11, man. Lopez really did a number on him lmao
  8. Really solid line at the half, and I'm expecting him to do absolutely nothing in the second half. Would love to be wrong though 😂
  9. Saric. Would've been okay if he rebounds but even that seems to be too hard for him now...
  10. If anyone here got him for free on the waivers (which could be most of you), I'd still hold unless there's some red hot pickup. That, or trade him away for someone with a better PO schedule after a good game, perhaps.
  11. No idea, but I’m also holding since it’d be nonsense to drop someone who produced top-20 output in the past week. Maybe it’s mainly because it wouldn’t be ideal to play against Whiteside and Vooch in a row? I mean it is the warriors, they go hand in hand with resting players near the end of the season...
  12. but also I mean I get it, but it would be nice if he can at least play 4 or ideally all 5 games in week 23...
  13. I want to, but the bone bruise isn't a good sign... looking at you RoCo
  14. It’s the Knicks. Remember Kadeem Allen?