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  1. Not sure if I'd want any shares of this dude going forward. After that fuego start to the season it's just been a downward spiral with a few mirage games in between
  2. This is a whole question unto itself. What's stopping Kenny from doing the same next year?
  3. After Tyreke's personal reasons saga, I'm very cynical regarding the grizz.
  4. Some of his own medicine, given how he's been a massive headache for owners most of the season
  5. Season over. Millsap and co have been beasting and brought me to the brink of a comeback, but fell just one block short of advancing. To a more or less inactive team, which is a shame tho. Good luck ROS everyone
  6. Seconded. Was he this feeble in the years prior? I remember his shot spinning from cold to hot, but not this...
  7. Feels pretty annoying to be happy with your roster, have the likes of Steph and PG, and suddenly most of the team ***** the bed. With one game day left in my playoffs went from 5-3 to 3-5, 8 blocks down, had to drop Otto Caris Dunn just to bring some waiver wire fodder in for a Hail Mary. Well, at least I can do some other stuff with my Spring, it seems.
  8. Held this guy for the playoffs in the hope of a payoff. Now my first round has two days remaining and it's been looming mehness and a case of tankitis?
  9. Yeah, it has to be some combination of these factors. The break really should do him good.
  10. Carrying some sort of a knock/injury perhaps? These are some mystical a** lines he's been posting. Although were that the case, it'd beg the question as to why is he playing. Strange stuff one way or another.
  11. Was this issue bothering him last year as well or was that just Euro fatigue? Because he was pretty trash then from what I remember.
  12. I hope those first two games weren't a demonstration of his ceiling in his current situation... or were they?
  13. In draft or trade? I took Kris at 50 for some god-forsaken reason
  14. Bizarrely enough, he seemed to offer a lot more fantasy-wise last year. It all kinda changed when he faceplanted on a dunk attempt.