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  1. Someone offered AD + Love for my Embiid????
  2. Yeah. Kept Barton and dropped Osman instead. Barton nearly had a triple double
  3. I feel Denver's backcourt is too crowded. Thinking of dropping Barton for Jabari, Zubac, Rabb, or Josh Jackson. Who is the pick up should I decide to drop Barton? Thanks!
  4. Dropped this guy and picked up Cedi Osman.
  5. Someone is offering Embiid for my Kemba. I have plenty of 3s and I could use some improvements in rebounds and blocks. Is this is a fair trade or is Embiid too risky with injuries? thanks!
  6. 2 stls and 2 blks so far. All hail the lord of stocks.
  7. He must have himself in his fantasy lineup.
  8. I hope he averages 15/5/5, a few stocks, and 1 3ptm. I'll be happy with that.
  9. Can this dude average at least 15/5/5? A few stocks maybe?