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  1. Hello Rotoworld, This is my rookie season and I was able to make good trades post draft. Initially punting assists but I was able to get Draymond from a trade. Now I can't sell him cause he's not that high yet. Now that my team has 3 punt FG first round/early rounder. Should I still punt AST or Punt FG and trade other guys to get good punt FG value? 10 Team H2H 9Cat My current ROS now looks like: G - Damian Lillard, Jamal Murray, Klay Thompson, Kyle Anderson, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Streamer), Derrick White (Streamer) F - Paul George, Otto Porter Jr., Taurean Prince, Jayson Tatum, Will Barton (IL) C - Jaren Jackson Jr., Draymond Green, Deandre Ayton, John Collins (IL) Notable Free Agents on my WW: Kris Dunn Larry Nance Mitchell Robinson RHJ Thad Young Derrick Favors Rudy Gay Thanks and I appreciate it! I'll help in return.
  2. He plays better than Green. But it does not hurt if he's benched. He'll still get the minutes.
  3. I'll just stream him this week for assists. I'll drop him for Nance for their 5 consecutive 4 game weeks. I agree with the short leash.
  4. I disagree. Denver will fight for a playoff spot, not win Isiah a contract.
  5. The Cavs are a mess. As much as Nance has the highest upside on our WW. I don't trust Drew and will continue to not trust him and this Cavs team. I'll stay away from Cavs and NYK this season tbh.
  6. Maybe wait atleast 2 more weeks for the update.
  7. I'm also wondering. I've only used Hashtag and they rank Derrick White as the 132nd. But their Scouting Report is pretty accurate. The Scouting Report from Week 1 correctly predicted our League Ranking for Week 3/4.
  8. I would drop Markieff but consider their game schedule for Week 5. Don't drop DSJ. I feel like Mavs will trade him.
  9. I agree. Pop factor plus White spaces the floor well due to his 3s. I like SGA but I like White's situation more than SGA's
  10. White and SGA They're both available however I have maxed out my adds by adding Saric and streaming. I hope they're still available on Monday. I'm punting assists initially but I'll just pickup the best players available and finalize my punt strategy in the mid season. I was able to get Draymond Green + Taurean Prince by trading LeVert and Marcus Morris.
  11. Would you rather choose White over SGA? I have them both on my Waiver Wire and I'm ready to drop RHJ.