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  1. I rage dropped after 2 starts and am beyond glad to be off this ride. Was never too attached in the first place though, just figured at the price he was going it was worth the gamble.
  2. Not worried yet. As someone who's owned him somewhere for pretty much the past 4 years, I think every single year his 2nd half splits are always superior to his first half. Last year his ERA dropped a full run in the 2nd half and his WHIP by 0.1. The year before his ERA dropped by nearly 2 runs in the 2nd half. For whatever reason it seems like a trend he gets stronger as the year goes on. If all is right with him he should still finish the year with good numbers.
  3. After reading this thread a bunch I figured I had to clear this up in my mind: On August 28th Bell said don't believe the fake news about saying he told his teammates he was showing up on Labor Day. This is the only time we heard him say anything regarding the hold out. If you drafted before this date I understand drafting Bell and expecting him to be there like the year before. If you drafted after this date then you should have been a little more prepared. I remember drafting that weekend and being worried my pick would fall in the 4-5 range and I'd have to make a tough decision on whether to draft Bell or not. I still figured chances were he would show up in short order, but that's too much risk for a 1st round pick that could make or break your team. At the same time, once you got to the later rounds and compared to what was available, it became enough risk to take a shot on Conner.