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  1. Not sure why the intense pessimism here unless people were expecting 2013 Gordon. I just got on this train personally, since Gordon can be acquired for basically bench filler at this point. This is a guy that was pacing for 1,100 yards last year once he started getting full snaps. So far this year in the 4 games where he didn't get hurt or have AB in the lineup he's averaging 7.5 targets and 65 yards. He's not far off from performing at least where I expected this year, which was around that 1,100 pace. At some point you figure the game scripts will get friendlier for throwing. Plus he's basically playing himself into shape this year. I just don't see how this guy isn't an ideal buy low since it seems as though his knee injury isn't serious.
  2. That's a pretty reasonable take. You absolutely could be right, it's hard to say without being in the building at this point. I think this week will offer a lot of clues into what the issue is and whether it's going to get fixed this season. The Giants have a brutal secondary and a potentially deceivingly explosive offense. All signs are pointing as this would be the week to get a passing game going. I actually thought the addition of Kubiak to the staff would have been a positive for Cousins in terms of his efficiency, just based on his history with Schaub (until Schaub fell off); I kind of viewed Schaub and Cousins as pretty similar QBs both in career path and ability. The volume seemed like it was going to drop off this year, but I figured an increase in efficiency would have mitigated a lot (or at least some) of the lost passing opportunities.
  3. I am cognizant. But there's context behind numbers. I mean 25% of your data is based on a crazy outlier 10 pass attempt game. In the 2 games the Vikings have won, they basically ran inferior opponents out of the building. Sure they could have passed more to appease their receivers and fantasy owners, but running out the clock with Cook and Mattison was enough. In the 2 games the Vikings have lost, the run / pass ratio has been very titled to the pass, obviously since they spent time trailing. I would argue Cousins hasn't been making the plays to keep the offense on the field in these closer / trailing games. From my point of view, if you're getting 5+ ypc with Cook...that's pretty effective and giving him the ball a lot is going to give you a good chance to win. I'm sure you can dig up run / pass splits of the Ravens last year when Lamar Jackson took over and see how that was over a stretch they went 6-1. Right now the teams best chance to win is running the ball because Cousins can't complete a pass downfield. I don't blame them at all for their gameplan, it's a gameplan that can win in the NFL (which is what is really important to the coaches, not stats!). For the passing game to improve, Cousins needs to be better. Why should they be throwing it more when the expected outcome is drastically worse than handing it off? Through no fault of Diggs of course at the moment. If Cousins gets it together and starts playing like last year, Im sure they'll start throwing the ball more, because then it would be an effective weapon. And maybe there is something scheme related that's harming his performance. But why should a team that's trying to win throw more when they have a bad QB or at least one that's playing badly? If you made me QB in the NFL and I'm throwing to prime Randy Moss and prime Jerry Rice, it's still a bad idea to call a pass play!
  4. I don't know why anyone is saying the offensive scheme is ineffective. Cousins has been so bad that running an effective Cook more often than throwing sounds like a better plan to win to me. It's up to Cousins to step his game up and prove he should be throwing the ball more, he's the guy who's really causing this mess with the Vikings passing game. Fortunately, the margin for error against a craptastic Giants secondary is pretty big. Won't be any easier than this week to get the passing game back on track.
  5. Ya he doesn't particularly look good this year...but that passing offense is loaded, the running game is suspect, and with all the dome games this year I don't see how you can't hold. The upside is there if he starts putting his game together.
  6. That's a weird statement to make that really limits your roster's ability if you actually live by it. Who cares about his position when he's averaging nearly 10 targets a game so far? I'm not going to bench him just because it says TE beside his name. Pretty sure Waller gets split out wide on a considerable number of snaps anyways. In summary: I'm flexing Waller, he has made my bench receivers appear to be the jaggiest of jags in comparison so far.
  7. But there is a timetable, and I don't think anyone really expected surgery for a high ankle sprain. He'll be back in 4-8 weeks, with unfortunately because of the placement of the bye week, probably on the long end. The second opinion seems to all but confirm that, barring a potential early recovery by Barkley. There's way too much unsubstantiated doom and gloom in this thread.
  8. Ravens defense is lacking a pass rush this year and at the moment is low on CB depth after Marlon Humphrey. They're good enough to hold their own against bad offences, but I expect the Cheifs offense to have a great day today. Firing up Robinson and hoping for the best, if I'm ever gonna use him it will be now.
  9. The problem is we aren't evaluating Fournette's performance individually. We have to take everything into account because he has the same o-line and same team to work with all year. I think many people are overreacting a bit too much positively and negatively, but others have it right in that for right now, he probably is what he is and the touchdowns will come. In the end he'll likely not be a bust at his draft position, but he doesn't look like the league winner we were hoping for either. Now of course the x-factor is when Foles comes back or if Minshew can keep getting better. If the boxes loosen up, then Fournette has shown me enough this year to think that he can put up some good numbers and be a good value at his draft slot, especially towards the fantasy playoffs. That's my hope right now, if not you have a guy that is high floor, low ceiling...could be worse.
  10. I'll never forget this game: It's a team game, you need at least some competence of an o-line. Fournette unquestionably has the speed and the strength to be a star RB. But I'm still not convinced he has the other qualities. I'm still hanging on, thanks to that 69 yarder he hasn't killed anyone, and better times should be ahead once he gets in the end zone. If Foles is back a few weeks before fantasy playoffs that could loosen up the stacked boxes for him.
  11. Loved his play in preseason, plus he looks kind of like a goofy George Lazenby. I am intrigued, hope he's not another Trubisky for Saquon's sake.
  12. Ravens have Judon as an effective pass rusher and that's about it. However Humphrey and Earl Thomas are both great which could potentially negatively impact Watkins and Kelce's production. Would not be surprised if Mahomes is really productive while spreading the ball around a lot in this one. I own Robinson, don't particularly like him, but if you're going to use him this could be as good a game as any.
  13. This is my plan as well. If he has a big game then I'll just be happy that he's solidified a meaningful role going forward. If he doesn't, then I'm not yelling at myself for doing something stupid.
  14. For those in leagues with IDP and generous return yardage rules, be sure to get in on Desmond King or Jabrill Peppers. The added return stats can really boost those guys above other DBs if its 1 point per 10 return yards or thereabouts.