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  1. Davis doesn’t want to play at the 5. It’s going to be a time split between Dwight and a McGee. I’d expect Dwight to average 10ppg, 8rpg, 1 assist, 1.3 bpg, 0.7Spg
  2. This one is super rough. I have him on my roster and it’s chanpionship week. Praying he goes but I feel they gonna sit him out and let Jackson run the PG. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Would you guys stream Wright for Friday and Saturday and Drop Dunn? I’m close on steals, points and turnovers in a super deep, big money league. Would love a POV here.
  4. I’m still hanging on despite missing the two games. You think he will be out for Miami? I’m glad bucks lost to CLE. They definitely want the #1 seed and with Miami beating Spurs at San Antonio ..... gotta think MIL plays Greek, right?
  5. Man I have him on my team and honestly it doesn’t look good. FML
  6. Need some help fellas would you drop Teague for rondo? Worried about teagues injuries even though he came back today. There’s also a threat of a shutdown once they are out of the playoff pick. Thoughts?
  7. Would you guys keep white or go for the elf 🧝‍♂️?
  8. JJJ has way more upside. I definitely would not drop him for White.
  9. You guys gonna ride with Rondo or take a look at Kadeem/Bradley?
  10. Just watching him I would wait for 1 more game. I’m in a super competitive money 12 team league and he hasn’t been picked up (yet 🤞🏼). I’m waiting on my rondo today to see if I drop him for Kadeem. The beauty is that the Knicks have an awesome final 6 weeks, except for the championship week (for me) - the Knicks play only twice. Addiitonally last nights game was against the Cavs. So you have to take the game with a grain of salt. Two games ago when he had 14pts/6 assists it was against toronto so I would wait one more. Hate how yahoo add/drop now has him one the front page so it means more eyeballs on him.
  11. Thanks for the clips. Can can straight up ball. He also knows how to use Mitchell in those pick and rolls. Nice jumper and attack’s the basket.
  12. Yeah what a game and the minutes too! Thank god I used my waiver on him and didn’t just stream him.
  13. It’s crazy that just after one game — and it was a matchup situation — everyone wants to bail on rondo. Imma keep rolling with the guy unless some flier stud appears (Kadeem - might pounce on that kid - he can straight up ball).
  14. Been consistent sharing the rock - 6 assists in each of last two games and gets meaningful minutes. Only going off the boxscore. Anyone actually watch him today? Only saw the last two minutes of action and he was manning the rock with no other ball handler on the floor.