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  1. Anyone else thinks Celtics getting away with rape on Giannis with them no calls?
  2. Gawd I hope he doesn’t miss any games. I need him in the semi lol
  3. Oof just got the yahoo notification that he’s out. Didn’t expect that :(. Anyone heard what’s up with him? Explosive diarrhea? These DNPs are killing me!
  4. Someone did exactly that tonight. Wondering if I should swoop up zeller
  5. thinking about swooping him up and dropping beef ellington
  6. thoughts on morris? just leave on the wire or worth a look since his last game (don't know the situation from that game)
  7. he's on the wire right now. should I grab him for round 1? (16 man)
  8. Should I try to grab him and drop Richaun Holmes?
  9. Haven't seen the game so far, but what's up with him tonight? Only 1 reb and getting into the 4th qtr.
  10. He always eats when he's in. He eats goooood, too! Marinating in the IL till he comes back- which should be soon.
  11. playing against him this week. soooooo irritating!
  12. I just picked up D12. I'll just let him marinate in my IL slot. Hopefully he comes back in time for the playoffs (Wizards have a wonderful schedule)