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  1. actually kinda pumped to get him as my "worst" player in a 14-teamer. is a line like 15-2treys-3-3-1steal, 45%FG, 80%+FT, 2TOs realistic?
  2. For what it’s worth, Aminu already cleared the two day waiver period in my 14-team cash league
  3. Maybe meant him leading UConn to the title a few years back?
  4. I love me some PJ in my 14-team league. Him and Aminu are such solid low-key contributors in 3s, Boards, long as I don't expect them to carry my team, their contributions always feel like a bonus.
  5. went with the upside of Chriss over Nene myself....just took a quick glance at Nene's #s when he gets around 18 mins this season and it's just...bleh. don't want any other team to have Chriss if he produces with extra mins. (just using my streamer spot anyway so no risk move IMO)
  6. Lucky enough to pick him up in my limited keeper during this hot streak...what do you guys think he'll look like in his prime? Statswise only (not playstyle), maybe prime Melo (25 points, 7 rebounds, same meh FG% and stocks with a bit more threes)?
  7. used my #4 waiver on him, is 10pts, 5reb, 1 3pm, 3 STKs with around 45%FG and 70%FT a good estimate for ROS if healthy? What's that, top 80-100 in standard?