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  1. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    My league he will drop like a rock. He didnt finish the year. Add in the other top 15 rbs, top 10 wrs, top 3 tes, and mahomes, and you have a 3rd rounder easy.
  2. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    early 4th round?
  3. Todd Gurley 2019 Outlook

    I have Gurley with the 9th pick (out of 10). 100% keep and flip for me.
  4. Jared Goff 2019 Outlook

    Cooper Kupp coming back should help him. Goff looked lost without Kupp most of the time.
  5. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Kid is a stud, two things holding him back tho. 1) injuries (comes with the rb position in general) 2) his coach is a moron.
  6. Melvin Gordon 2019 Outlook

    In his defense, the team sat him two of those games because of their playoff position. He wanted to play. BIG Melvin guy, if I can get him late 1st again I would 100/100 times.
  7. Miami Dolphins 2019 Outlook

    Don't see this one working out for very long. Horrible pick up
  8. Dalvin Cook 2019 Outlook

    I'm thinking like Gurley, WR, Cook would be a great start to a draft.
  9. Dalvin Cook 2019 Outlook

    If he falls to the 4th, I'm all in. I'd consider heavily in round 3 depending on what I have before that.
  10. Dalvin Cook 2019 Outlook

    I'm guessing somewhere mid to late 2nd round is where he will be in most drafts. If (big if) he can put together a whole season, he can produce RB1 #'s at a discount.
  11. 133 carries 615 yards 2 TDs , 49 targets 40 recs 305 yards 2 TDs for Dalvin in 2018. Being injury prone, anyone interested next year?
  12. Mark Ingram 2019 Outlook

    Ahh, gotcha. I think the Raiders are my next best guess.
  13. Mark Ingram 2019 Outlook

    Could he go to TB? B.A loves a workhorse that can catch. I don't see Barber or Jones being that in TB.
  14. Adam Thielen 2019 Outlook

    Same, he saved me 2 years in a row. If he falls to the 3rd round, I'm all over that.
  15. Davante Adams 2019 Outlook

    Rodgers favorite WR by a long shot and is a TD Machine. Top 12 pick any format.