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  1. Even if they do, he produces in that time frame anyways... so I wouldn’t fret about it... I’d be more worried if it was in the 18-20 minute range
  2. I’m inclined to say maintain the status quo... unless they start losing games and feel the need to go for the top seed, there isn’t much reason for them to change the way they’ve handled the situation
  3. Are you IT? You literally answered every post questioning his ROS and how Denver will deal with him 🤔🤔🤔
  4. On 1.5 attempts per game though... hahaha!!! I doubt he’ll be the reason you lose ft%
  5. Lebron chose all the upcoming free agents to play on his team 🤔🤔🤔
  6. Except zubac is already an expiring contract and he can’t be dealt this off season and I’m sure someone will give him an offer sheet that they won’t match anyways?
  7. I meant his minutes get cut... unless they move WCS there’s no way he plays unless they completely phase out bijelica...
  8. Giles will probably be the cut here and if they manage to move WCS later today then that’s opens up bagley at the 5 which he’s been playing the past few games at times
  9. His value is stocks and percentages and getting to the line so I wouldn’t be too stressed about him losing much value. Plus they have him play some point lately so I think the trade helps overall... it’s not like he takes 25 shots a game...
  10. Probably see: Fox/hield/Bogdn/Barnes/bagley lineup... they’ve been playing bagley at the 5 for a few games now
  11. Why do I feel like the reluctance of ainge to promise taytum forces demps’ hand 😂😂😂 no way I trust a sketchy promise where you ask me to wait and your gonna send me an explosive offer without any promise of the player I want...
  12. He’s playing it smart, if AD doesn’t get moved he gets super siayan LBJ who’ll carry the lakers to the playoffs and you get the headache of AD sitting but if AD gets traded then he gets 85% of AD because LBJ will produce and will steal some stats from AD that is linked to his overall usage... I would make the same offer myself if I didn’t have both
  13. I get it for H2H but for roto, his value was when he played 28 minutes and got those double doubles... with the way brooks is handling this and the eventual return of Morris and D12 i don’t think it’s worth it