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  1. sorry, it's not an actual invite like on ESPN, you were added as the owner and should be able to access the team now
  2. Invite sent. Feel free to change the team name and logo...welcome
  3. 10 teams, 3 keeper PPR league on Fantrax needs replacement owner for team in link, This is our first season and the guy that left was new to fantrax and i guess didn’t like it. League rules summary, leave your email for invite
  4. New Fantax 10 Team H2H PPR 3 Keeper College theme new start-up league. Draft Aug 31 at 7:00 PM Est. QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 2 RWT
  5. I am a very active GM. Always looking to make trades, always looking to better my team and I am looking for a league with similar GM’s. I am a cheap a** so only free leagues for me. Prefer Fantrax but will also use ESPN. Not a fan of Yahoo or any other site.
  6. INVITE....
  7. Double Flex and no kicker, 3 keepers, live draft tomorrow July 21 at 6:00 pm EST
  8. Just started a free keeper PPR on ESPN drafting Sunday July 21 link to settings ...
  9. Just started a free keeper PPR on ESPN drafting tomorrow. link to settings ...
  10. never mind, I did not realize it was 18 keepers, not a fan
  11. I might be interested if I can see the teams, I click on links and says I do not have permission
  12. 10+ years experience, active and serious GM ...... ironcitycap at gmail dot com
  13. Active GM looking to join Free Fantrax, dynasty for keeper, as long as it is an active league, trades year round etc.
  14. not a fan of Yahoo Fantasy Sports but thanks for asking
  15. I do not want to be apart of this league, team 4 is open again