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  1. Is he worth drafting this season? Or another injury plagued season?
  2. Wow.. 11 TOs and counting.. thats the KAT that i dont want🤨😵
  3. Believe on your players... a couple of bad games still not a deciding factor to drop him.. #harrell🙄
  4. Wow. 13 TOs combined for KAT and Middleton.. now ive already overtook the TOs.. power😩😭😫
  5. Is it drop city? Or 1 more game.. im confused😑
  6. Oh my..😱 as of this writing 1/10 fg. 1/6 3p.. killing my fgs.. talking about efficiency..😑
  7. Ive alr grabbed him thru waiver.. dropped sabonis..👍😉
  8. Almost on the brink of dropping.. salvage line today..😊👍
  9. Is he worth dropping for? Portis and Mitch robinson is on the waiver wire.. cant afford to lose also this week🙄
  10. Ill go with hield.. the way his performing right now.. high fg% and 3s👍