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  1. This guy man.... wondering why I drafted him so high...
  2. Take that 💯💯💯. Collins is 2nd/3rd round appeal. He’s a monster with 3s pts and rebs
  3. Yeah man. Jokic is a winner... I have Isaac and he’s definitely valuable with the defensive stats but Jokic is a monster who you build your team around. He was a really nice pair with Doncic.
  4. This is a close one. I like the vooch and Finley side more. Even though Conley is playing like s---, I do think he’ll get it going. I would go vooch over Capela
  5. Would y’all take this offer? current roster Doncic rozier Dragic sexton OG isaac Rui JJJ KAT Holmes Miles Bridges Paschall D. Hunter INJ: PG
  6. I second that. Rising big men are harder to find than 3s and pts players. You can replace that production easily with another trade or a pick up/ streamer http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/785781-miles-bridges-richaun-holmes-for-myles-turner/
  7. I’d let go of Thybulle I had be Rui and was holding Thybulle. Thybulle simply doesnt help as much at this point. His FG% trash, weak in pts, rebs & assists. His only hold was for the 4 steals he was getting. Rui has been doing great with pts, 3s and rebs. He offers much more in the s---y team of wizards. The crowded 6ers just isn’t looking at Thybulle. He’s a last option. Keep Rui
  8. Not a must had. He’s a speculation add. You’re better of with Bruce Brown with the potential starting job and the recent spark of Satoransky. Skip out on Brooks http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/785781-miles-bridges-richaun-holmes-for-myles-turner/
  9. I’d take Mitch Rob in a heart beat. Lou Will is a sell high right now with PG on his way back. Winslow was killing it with Jimmy out. But getting Mitch Rob is the real winner. I’d which TT for him any day
  10. Yes grab Mitch Rob. He’s a buy low. Those blocks are gold http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/785781-miles-bridges-richaun-holmes-for-myles-turner/
  11. Damn this is hard. I own both. Eric Paschall is the obvious go to on the Dubs now. While the Hornets are getting crowded with upcoming talent in Graham & PJ Washington. But I think in the long run, Miles may be the one to run with since he has the upside of potential stats in steals & blocks while still being a scoring and 3s option. He also hasn’t been terrible, just hasn’t lived to the hype. So my pick would be Miles Bridges
  12. Grab Isaac for sure. His Defensive stats are gold! And he’s just getting started
  13. Seriously. I would for sure take this... JJJ is buy low right now. Wendell will get it going too. Troy brown is good but still someone from the WW