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  1. This would effectively end my championship hopes. No AD and PG would be beyond brutal
  2. At least you didn’t trade Devin booker for him smh
  3. In the championship AD (playing his harden 😢) George (traded Beal in the first week) Paul Donovan Mitchell (traded Booker...) Love Heild Gallo cousins ayton E payton J rich two streaming spots (previously was Marc gasol and al horford) Punt fg, 8 team h2h
  4. Damn I thought Portland might be dangerous this year. So so sad for Nurkic and the team. Non-owner but this just sucks
  5. Is no one scared this may be a Lavine repeat? Still considering dropping due to schede
  6. Hop on the bus, kick your feet up and watch Elfrid drive you to a championship
  7. Yeah started that 4 months ago without regret
  8. The two blocks gave me a win. I’m holding in my 8 team league.
  9. I got AD, PG, K Love all not playing today 😢
  10. A lot. He said he is still planning on playing the rest of the season, so he still has top 40 value this season and top 5 value ongoing.
  11. It’s a bruise. The question is why he left the locker room. The injury is not what scares me.
  12. What’s up with reveling in someone’s best player/a real person getting injured? so hard to read this forum...He came back and played every game despite speculation. There is a break now so let’s just wait and see and hopefully you can be less condescending through the wait. If he is out, you shouldn’t be happy anyway.