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  1. For me I got no choice. I only have him and CJ as my PGs on a punt assist team. Unless there is a WW PG that would be available soon then I will just hold on and hope for the best
  2. Never saw a thread for this young bull. Now has 29pts and 6 threes against the hawks. Any possibilities he can manage 15pts and 3 threes on the season? might be a great end of bench PG for punt assists build.
  3. Thy Lord RoCo has further blessed us with bountiful rebounds aside from his daily blessings of stocks! But seriously though, I hope he can stay healthy this year and finish strong.
  4. On to more important matters. Does Favors get a big bump here and Hayes possibly entering the rotation?
  5. Or it could be more incentive for another team to trade for him since the new team can keep him for 2 more seasons and not just an end of season rental.
  6. OR, those 2 alphas could open up the way for him for those ease dunks and layups. Still I'm taking Trez over Levert just because the nets have a 2 game 1st week of the playoffs
  7. Got him last season off waivers and solidified my lead in blocks and FG%, but a 3rd or 4th round price tag is too high for me. Then people will say he is drafted for blocks, hah! win your blocks I will win in the other categories.
  8. Nance and Mcgee are my 4th and 5th centers. Already got KAT, Drummond, Roco and Mikal so I really need points and threes at the end.
  9. The Lord has cometh to cleanse the thought of those heathens who worship false stock gods. All hail Lord Roco!
  10. D12 is not very durable and AD prefers to play PF. Plus, I enjoy watching him play. Let's see what happens next week.
  11. My question is how the hell did you end up with KAT and Giannis on the same team?
  12. My boy out there shooting and making threes! Woop!
  13. Big line tonight. Wonder if JV's ankle will keep him out for more games.
  14. Not much depth in the backcourt of the wolves so the PG time might really be plausible. And he is way ahead of Okogie at this point. Nice PO sched as well.
  15. Anybody watching the mavs? Is carlisle using him at all?