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  1. Hi there, 10 team NL only Dynasty. So I already tried to get Buehler. Should I be holding onto Caleb or move him at peak value along with a guy like Kieboom for someone who will help me the next couple years? I'm currently pretty far in last, not sure I can move up much. Other guys i'm building around are Soto, Seager, Senzel, Kieboom, Hiura, Paddack, McMahon, Conforto, Hampson, Amed, Albies with Gorman/India/Hoerner/K Rob/Luciano in the minors. WHIR and thank you in advance!
  2. Give Osuna and i'm ok with Castillo or Corbin. take your pick. My one concern with Yates is that he gets traded to a contender and becomes a setup guy, and that's coming from a Padres fan.
  3. hmmm. Buehler is ranked much higher on all dynasty lists than Paddack, but i'm wondering if that's because of the jump Paddack made this year. Obviously his numbers aren't sustainable but I do believe he will be close to Buehler. as for Lux, I currently have 7 minor leaguers (Hiura, Kieboom, Kristian Robinson, Marco Luciano, Jonathan India, Nico Hoerner) and can only keep 5. expecting Hiura & Kieboom to qualify and get over 130 AB's this year so I still won't have room for Lux thank you for the reply, replying to yours now!
  4. 10 team NL Only Dynasty. $280 budget. Was offered Buehler ($5), Nelson ($2) & Gavin Lux for Chris Paddack ($5) & Ender Inciarte ($19). I'm definitely not keeping Inciarte after this season which i've already thrown away. Been building for the future and acquired Hiura, Hoerner & India to go alongside Soto, Seager, Albies, Senzel, Kieboom, McMahon, Hampson, Conforto, Amed Rosario. Basically what i'm asking is, Buehler has a brighter future than Paddack right? We're a league in San Diego so if it's close i'd rather just hang onto Paddack than watch him dominate every 5/6 days. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank You. Don't have an ace or a closer until Kimbrel signs, had Senzel & Kieboom called up recently with Hiura hopefully on the way so i've got reinforcements but I do think I should be able to get more than Cano (who I am not a fan of)
  6. Hi all, my first topic in this forum. I'm in a rebuild right now. 10 team, NL only $280 budget. Looking at moving $55 Machado & $12 Julio Urias for $5 Chris Paddack, $3 Hector Neris, $26 Robinson Cano & a 1st round pick. I've also got Soto, Albies, Seager, Senzel, Kieboom, Hiura, McMahon, Hampson & Amed Rosario, would love to add a guy like Paddack to that core as i'm def not keeping Machado at $55. also don't have any closers until Kimbrel signs so Neris would help there. Thanks in advance, don't want to blow this one!
  7. Cut ties with him for Hoerner & another ML pick in an NL only dynasty. couldn't wait til that average went even lower.
  8. Cut bait with Shaw. Sent him off in a 10 team NL Only dynasty for Nico Hoerner & a 2nd round minor league pick.
  9. league mates did this in 10 team NL only and i'm wondering if i'm the only one who thinks it is terrible. Nick sends:Josh Bell, Ryan Braun, Brad BrachBen Sends:Kenley Jansen
  10. As someone who just drafted Kieboom, Robinson & Gorman in our dynasty minor league draft on Sunday, I love this list. Luciano was my last pick, went lottery ticket on him. hoping for a Tatis/Franco breakout
  11. you guys have a damn World Series Championship, and that's assuming you're just a baseball fan. you can keep the tears. Padre fans deserve a splash like this.
  12. He also gets to play 18 games a year at Coors Field & Arizona.
  13. Logan Allen should be next followed by Paddack around the All Star break, probably only gets 50 or so innings in the bigs in 2019.
  14. Are Senzel or Robles still there? Have a similar question but for an NL only league, available pool is Kieboom, Gorman, Bohm, India, Paddack, Alonso, Touki, Bart, Mejia...Mejia & Bart are going top 2, I pick 5 & 9. hoping to grab Gorman at 9 but am not sure about Kieboom, India & Paddack at 5. Also targeting Chisholm in the 2nd.