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  1. Tell me your team after you finish drafting. It’s probably too late but if you can go towns vuci and then Mitchell or booker and punt assists
  2. Towns or harden, depends on how you want to build your team.
  3. I like Howard right now as well as Huerter. I’d stay put for the time being but at the same time keep a close eye on both Pj and nwa. Pj is gonna get run but we’re not sure how much yet so I’d wait and see how the rotation plays out. NWA on the other hand is literally a Lonzo injury away from being an absolute must own. Lonzo has been injuried a stupid amount over the course of the last two years so this is a stay close to the news approach. If the day comes to drop I’d say drop Huerter before you drop Dwight.
  4. Zion owner is tripping out in my league. He’s trying to get rid of him and honestly it’s tempting. Hes asking for my gallo, 1 for 1. 12 man standard H2H, 9 CAT league 1. Kat 2. Vuci 3. Donovan Mitch 4. Covington 5. Tatum 6. Otto porter 7. Gallinari 8. Jeremy Lamb 9. Dedmon 10. Dwight Powell 11. Marcus Smart 12. Thybulle 13. Og Anuoby
  5. Are you talking about Justin holiday lmaooooooo !!!! Accept that s--- right now dawg. That’s a league breaking deal.
  6. 10000 percent. My list goes : Warren, OG, Ingles Normally, I’d say ingles is the best option but since you’re putting assists his value sort of dies off w/o assists. Warren is gonna be a stud for Indy this year and he’ll help offset the points and threes you’re going to lose from d Russ. & OG is the sleeper of the year. Grab warren or OG from this deal and consider it a robbery
  7. This dude has his head on straight. This is the only deal out of all the options that you pull.
  8. You have a solid squad all around. Youre strong in pretty much everything. I’d say youre biggest improvement needs to be in rebounds and slightly in points and threes but other than that I think you’re extremly strong in 5 categories.
  9. The kid that has brook doesn’t have any other bigs so I doubt he would give him up. On the other hand, he does have Zion and now that the news has dropped he’s trying to ship him, would you risk it and trade gallo for Zion 1 for 1 ? Or f--- that and just stay put?
  10. Hell no. Please don’t advise him to do that s--- lol. Everything you’re getting in return w gobert would go to s--- by giving up Harrell and Randle. Randles stocks are going to increase a little this year and Harrell is known for his defensive abilities. Definitely don’t pull a trade that’s that large, trades like that always go to s---. It’s either Russell and Randle for gobert or no deal at all My man, you have a solid squad you shouldn’t be itching to trade like this. Only do it if you really feel like this is gonna benefit you. Turner / vuc / Harrell / Capela is more than enough to secure the big boy cats, gobert would be overkill and not necessary.
  11. I second this dude. Id go Randle and Russell for gobert if you really wanna do this trade. Tbh I think you’re stacked and you could stay put don’t get antsy and try to do deals, the season hasn’t even started but if you’re really intent of doing a deal ... I’d say the best option is Randle & Russell for gobert and warren
  12. I’d go opj for the upside as well. Middleton just got paid v fat last year and I think his play will decline a little. There was an article that came out a couple of days ago about Otto and how bulls are gonna manage him and play him around 30 minutes per game and if that’s what you’re worried about, don’t worry he’s going to be super solid. Ultimately, the stocks are huge and Otto provides that.