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  1. I'm not too sure how players that own this guy aren't coming running here raving about how this guy has been an absolute stud but I'm happy w it. Let ppl sleep This kid will be apart of many championship teams.
  2. ANIMAL ANIMAL ANIMAL ! Wizards trading him was the best thing that's ever happened to his consistency & his confidence. Take me to the ship young stud.
  3. Yoooo I would love some help. I'm in a huge payout league with my friends and I'm dying to win this cash. I'm not gonna give a whole shpeel about the league type/ my needs blah blah blah im keeping it simple. If you had to stream one guy for their best all around game tmrw except assists (complete punt) .. who would you rather have Clarkson vs philly harkless vs clippers taj gib vs Denver
  4. Is he starting to become must own material ?
  5. Id accept it but issac schedules is 2-4 for you so it's a little tough but regardless I'd accept it
  6. Favors & Nance. No question brother
  7. Hi guys In major need of some help, my team is pretty solid throughout so this question isn't dependent on team needs or anything. It's just a simple who would you rather have. Willy Cauley stein or Derrick favors ? With help, I will gladly help your situation as well.
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA thank you for this. s--- made me roll so I appreciate you for that but in all seriousness for teams like us that are at the top and can afford to trade him for someone who is slightly worse but is guaranteed to play every game... it makes complete sense to trade him for a little less value.
  9. I understand that this is more of an AC Forum question but I think it's important we add this here for all the people feeling like how I feel. Whats a good rage trade for him ?
  10. Otto hurt his leg. Won't return. Anybody see the injury ?
  11. Isaac. And it's not even a discussion Kenny is nice no doubt but Isaacs upside is on a different level compared to ken
  12. I'm not sure how this kids thread isn't getting hot every game he plays Kid can ball.
  13. Forget team build Im in a 12 team h2h competitive 9 cat roto league. i got offered my kevin Durant for his Otto porter and kemba walker. would you guys take this ?