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  1. I have 3 injured players (RoCo, Sabonis, JJJ) and only one IR spot. Playoffs starts next week and I’m most likely in. Should I drop somebody and get players from WW? Notable pickups are: Marvin Williams Danny Green Cheick Diallo Damyean Dotson Goran Dragic Mikal Bridges Delon Wright Avery Bradley Wesley Matthews Pat Beverley Jeff Green 9Cat, 12team, H2H Centers - Towns, JJJ(inj), Sabonis(inj) Forwards - Love, Favors, Porter, Isaac Guards - Mitchell, J Rich, BogBog, LeVert, Batum IR: RoCo
  2. Would you trade Towns for Beal and Turner? Need a little scoring punch and more PO games
  3. My team: C: Towns, Sabonis PF: Love, JJJ, Favors SF: Porter, Levert, Isaac SG: BogBog, Danny Green PG: Mitchell, J Rich IL: Covington Waiver Wire: Warren Mikal Bridges Crabbe Oubre Saric Zubac Layman
  4. Should I drop Favors for Zubac? Also, should I trade Sabonis for either Bagley or Portis?
  5. I’m thinking of offering Sabonis and Favors for Portis and Bagley for more PO games. Good deal?
  6. My Sabonis, Favors for Jabari Parker, JV Good deal?
  7. PG, THJ, Gary Harris, Aminu for Mitchell, JRich, Sabonis, JJJ Fair trade or not?
  8. Currently 5th place in a 12 team 9cat H2H settings. My current roster: C: Towns, Sabonis PF: JJJ, Favors, Nance SF: Covington, Otto Porter Jr, Marvin Williams SG: Bogdan Bogdanovic, Danny Green PG: Mitchell, J Rich IR: Love Already lost Levert and Dipo to injuries
  9. AD is a huge risk. I think you are in a good spot anyway by staying put. Maybe trade Gasol if you really need assurance. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741232-towns-trade-whir/
  10. I’d normally say Kawhi but given the Lakers’ situation, Lebron might have a monster run. Then again, Lakers might also get AD also. So it may cut into Lebron’s production.
  11. I’d take Harris. Better playoff schedule and more potential ROS.
  12. If you really need it then it’s good. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741232-towns-trade-whir/
  13. Anderson and jabari http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741232-towns-trade-whir/
  14. Thinking of trading KAT. Too many injuries in my team. I have to get more productive players. Towns, J Rich, JJJ for Butler, Beal, Turner Fair or am I gonna lose this trade?
  15. Yes. I believe Turner will produce more because of Dipo’s injury