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  1. There are plenty of dumb ones who will sign up for this Nigerian scammers "leagues."
  2. I responded to your earlier post and said that I would like the Red Sox/Dback team. But I think that you drafted right after my resonse. If it's still available, I'd love to have it. I'm a long time ESPN FBB player.
  3. Hey there. I am interested. I like the Red Sox and Dbacks.
  4. If you still have an opening, email me at I've played the same league for the last 10 years but that league went to s--- last year and I'm moving. I am a committed owner.
  5. I have been playing ESPN FBB for the last 10 years. If you still need someone, send me an email to
  6. If you are still looking, email me at
  7. Correction. There will be 10 teams, although that could be bumped up to 12 depending upon feedback.
  8. This league will have 10 teams with a weekly head to head points scoring system. There is no entry fee. The rosters will have 24 teams with 16 daily starters and 8 bench players. I have played in a league with the below scoring system for 10 years and it works out very well. Don't join if you are weak and won't last the season. Batting Scoring will be: singles 1, doubles 2, triples 3, home runs 4, total bases 1, walks 1, runs scored 1, RBI's 1, stolen bases 1, k's -2, hit by pitch 1, sacrifices 1, caught stealing -2, ground into DP -2, grand slam 8, outfield assists 1, errors -1. Pitching scoring will be; innings pitched 1.5, earned runs -1, wins 7, losses -5, saves 5, blown saves -3, k's 1, hits allowed -1, walks -1, shut outs 10, hit batters -1, home runs allowed -2, wild pitches -1, balks -1, pick offs 2, complete games 10, quality stats 5, no hitters 20, perfect games 25. Line up changes- daily. Player Universe- all MLB review period- 2 days. League Member votes to veto trade- 5. Start of regular season- week 1. Regular season match ups- 21. (Playoffs start week 22). Playoff teams-6. Top teams in each division get first week byes. 2 Divisions. Weeks per playoff match- 1 week. Playoff seeding tie breaker- head to head record. Draft date- March 23, at 2 pm EST. Draft type- snake. Draft order- manually set by league manager. Seconds per pick-30.