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  1. Derozan doesn't shoot threes, so that isn't a perfect comparison, although the 20/6/6 is right on. I had some free time and looked up past years on Basketballmonster to see if there were comparisons to Rozier's possible numbers and whether sub 40% on high volume is possible for a top 25 player. Two recent ones were: Kemba Walker, #19 in 18-19 with 25.6/4.4/5.6 on 43%fg,84%ft,3.2 threes, 1.2spg,0.4bpg,2.6 to Paul George, #15 in 17-18 with 21.9/5.7/3.3 on 43%fg,82%ft, 3.1threes,2.0spg,0.5bpg,2.7tos (last year he was #3 shooting 43.8%) Westbrook was #32 last year while killing fg%,ft% and to's Others have shot even worse (usually lower volume), and in 2015-16 there were 5 guys in the top 25 shooting under 43%. Rozier's per36 stats last year: 14.2/6.2/4.6 on 39%fg,78%ft,2.4threes,1.4spg,0.4bpg,1.4to I thought Rozier top 25 was crazy, but this little research makes me convinced Rozier top 25 is possible in 9cat. But I agree that Stifletower is right that it is extremely unlikely, and that the benefits from increased scoring and threes would probably be lessened by the increased damage to fg%. I assume MysticPeak's post was a joke anyway.
  2. Rozier might need to score 30+ppg to be top-25 if you are not punting fg% in standard 9cat or 8cat. Either that or something like 20/6/6 with 3+ threes and improved defensive stats.
  3. I would take Lauri/2nd pick. The only reason I wouldn't would be if I had a very good team in a shallow league, which does not appear to be the case.
  4. I like the trade. For a team in contention I would prefer Lillard to Zion, Siakam to Porter, and Collins to either Knox or DSJ.
  5. I double-checked and you are right, but I still would not pick Drummond top-20 unless I had Lillard or Harden to balance the ft%. He had his best or second-best season last year in pretty much every category (except TOs), so top-15 seems unlikely without punting (which is possible in roto, but probably not usually beneficial). To be honest, I probably will avoid PG13 top-10 despite what I posted as well until I hear a better sounding timetable for his return. I forgot about Westbrook in my rankings, but he is another that I tend to avoid since he usually goes much earlier than I would rank him, and I would put him around 25 at best.
  6. 1. AD 2. Towns 3. Curry 4. Harden 5. Giannis 6. Jokic 7 Lillard 8. Leonard 9. George 10. Beal 11. Irving 12. Embiid 13. Butler 14. Holiday 15. Vucevic 16. LeBron 17. Kemba 18. Gobert 19. Turner 20. Ayton 21. Booker 22. Drummond 23. Trae Young 24 Siakam 25. Mitchell (Donovan or Robinson both OK) I easily picked who my top-7 were and who my #8-14 were, but had trouble ordering them. I might go Beal over Leonard/George, and maybe Embiid in shallow leagues/Irving in deeper leagues. I am lower than most on Drummond since he was not top-25 per-game last year despite great rebound and stocks. I would pick him higher if paired with a free-throw guy like Harden or Lillard to even out his pitiful freethrows.
  7. I might be interested if another spot opens up. No 30-team experience, but am in 20 and 24 team dynasties. Also, how do your salary cap rules work? I am curious both from interest in the league and since I have seen a lot of poorly designed salary leagues and am interested in what is good for your league's rules.
  8. I like that list too. Separating breakout players and sleepers (I view sleepers as underdrafted players) is nice since potential breakout players such as Bam Adebayo and Thomas Bryant might get hyped a lot and overdrafted when the season starts. Neither of them seem to be picked very early on ESPN yet though, but a lot of the ESPN public leagues are not very competitive.
  9. I would be interested in joining a free salary/contract league if anyone knows of a good one. I have also come up with ideas for one if people would be interested, but it might be too late to start now because of the slowness of auction drafts (since it is unlikely everyone could draft at once). Here is the link to the rules I came up with
  10. I like Perkinsfor3’s idea. Rankings 9-cat unless specified. Some of these are extremely unlikely. It is difficult to come up with something interesting for each team. I like Perkinsfor3's predictions for Atl, half of Cha,Cle,Lac,Mil,OKC and dislike those for Bkn,Bos,Den,Ind Atl - Hunter leads rookies in 3PM Bkn - LeVert is not top 100 first half of season, top 60 second half Bos - Gordon Hayward is back to top 60 Cha - Bridges (not so bold) and Zeller (bolder) finish ahead of Rozier for totals Chi - WCJ is their best-ranked player for fantasy Cle - Nobody except Nance (steals) averages more than 4 assists, 1 steal or 1 block per game. Dal - Do not have any top-25 players for fantasy Den - #1 seed in west, nobody but Jokic, Millsap and Murray hits 26 mpg Det - Tony Snell averages 10+ pts, 2+ threes Gsw - Curry is #1 fantasy player per game Hou - Capela averages under 10rpg Ind - Aaron Holiday averages 12+ ppg until Oladipo comes back Lac - Harrell wins the 6th man award instead of Williams Lal - LeBron, AD, Cousins all play under 70 games Mem - Bruno Caboclo is top-120 Mia - Derrick Jones Jr. joins the 1/1/1 club Mil - Giannis still not top-3 player per game Min - Wiggins averages 20+ ppg again, but shoots under 40% Nop - Hayes starts the last 25 games Nyk - Trade for John Wall, Barrett is not a top-3 rookie for fantasy, Knicks fans cheer for upcoming free agents on visiting teams Okc - SGA, Paul, Gallinari, Adams (12+rpg) are all top-50 per-game Orl - Vucevic is traded and Isaac starts averaging 7.5+ rpg, 1.2+ 3PM/Stl/Blk Phi - Simmons banks in his first and only 3 for the year, fails to be top-40 per-game (again) Pho - Ayton averages 20/10 with 2+ stocks Por - Trade Nurkic Sac - Hield is the top ranked player for Sacremento again Sas - Poeltl is third ranked player on team behind Aldridge and Derozan Tor - OG Anunoby finishes top-100 and is MIP runner-up to Adebayo Uta - Conley, Mitchell, Gobert all are ranked worse than their ADP at the end of the year Was - Beal puts up top-5 per-game value
  11. The league is full now. I will invite the people who have commented here if we need replacement owners before the draft (I will be surprised if we do not), but I do not know when that will happen. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest
  12. Four spots left now, maybe more later. Join with the link above or pose/send me your email if you want to join. If it is full you can still message me or post your email since we will likely need replacements.
  13. Instructions for joining: They go to enter 9b0ijwi6jx9o3y7h as the league ID and mldeaf as the password.
  14. I think I have sent invitations to everyone who wanted one. I want to keep the league free because I don't feel like paying a lot and for a dynasty league I am afraid owners of bad teams would be more likely to leave and harder to replace if it were paid. I know a lot of people think paid leagues are more fun, but I don't.