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  1. No. Not enough of a return for Trout.
  2. The job of the commish isn't judge & jury. The problem with vetoing trades is you're doing it subjectively claiming "I want to veto that because I wouldn't have made the deal and it makes one team stronger." Vetoing trades is designed to prevent obvious collusion (a responsibility of the commish). Not to cancel trades because you scratch your head when you get an alert that a trade has been accepted. IMO it's best to let people run their teams as they sit fit. If you don't like how someone is running their team, don't invite them back. But don't tell them how to run their team. It's that simple.
  3. Such a shame to see this kid hurt. Hopefully he makes a quick recovery!
  4. I'm always one for a good joke! Especially "dad jokes" in particular. That "joke", however fell a bit short. Nice try though!
  5. Why would the Astros be having a press conference talking about Vladdy and Bo?
  6. Is that how people evaluate trades? “Well so and so was drafted in this round so he’s worth x.” What if it was the same in football? Welp, I got Mahomes in 10th round. So if he’s traded for anything above that draft rd, VETO! Lol. Not a vetoable trade.
  7. -To the first point: Someone else said Bellinger is a “low average guy”. You quoted him by agreeing with him by saying “This.” So yes, as I said, you claimed he was a “low average guy”. Also, show me where I ever claimed you said Judge “has better contact.” I’ll wait. -To the second point: I’m neither, so nice try. -Lastly, your loose insinuation that I base my evaluations on players off two weeks so “Betts and JRam are WW guys” doesn’t make any sense. EDIT: His numbers are obviously not sustainable. That’s not really debatable. What is debatable however is your aggressive tone with pretending to know the numbers Bellinger (in his 2nd full year) will end up with at season’s end: “When he gets cold, ‘this’ will happen. He will have this cold streak and ‘this’ will happen. And he will sit against lefties.” Yeah, ok. Cheers!
  8. LOL. The smart thing isn't labeling Bellinger as the low average guy and Judge as the high average guy when their career averages are pretty much identical. It's interesting how you are being so aggressive in your pretending to know how Bellinger's season will play out. Regarding the trade for Judge for Bellinger. I think it's a fair trade but it's difficult to say without seeing the OP's roster. Bellinger's 1B eligibility gives him the edge IMO.
  9. Judge: 1,112 career ABs - .274 avg Bellinger: 1,122 career ABs - .275 avg But let me get this straight: Bellinger is the "low average guy" and Judge is the guy who is going to hit for a high average? Got it.
  10. No, I know what you meant. Just seems silly to react in such an aggressive way to someone offering you a trade in fantasy sports. To each their own.
  11. He hit .311 in 20 games at AAA in 2015 prior to his call up. He then struggled in AAA in seasons thereafter as he was going through injury, being tossed position to position and having to look over is shoulder at all times. Look, I’m not trying to make excuses for him bc you have to perform, but let’s not sit here and pretend he was ever really given a full vote of confidence and a consistent chance to improve. EDIT: As a Sox fan, it’s disappointing how horrible a job Boston did in developing him.
  12. Josh McCown (NFL qb) had it right in saying: “I get the ‘unwritten rules’ I guess. However it seems super petty getting pissed at a bat flip & in turn inflicting pain in retaliation.Try getting your face ripped off by a DE & watching him dance near you as a DB high steps into the end zone on a pick six. That sucks.” Baseball players are petty b*****s sometimes. He flipped his bat. WHO CARES? Grow a pair and get him out next time. This “You flipped a bat” or “You watched your hr for a second too long so now I’m going to try to inflict pain by throwing a baseball at you” is absolutely pathetic. #letthekidsplay
  13. Ever think about WHY he hasn’t hit though? You sure it has nothing to do with not really getting much of a chance? The “he hasn’t hit yet” argument isn’t the end all be all in this situation.