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  1. You seem way too bothered by this lol.
  2. You do whatever you have to in order to improve YOUR team.
  3. Ah, the old "worry about other teams more than your own" strategy.
  4. Either that or if he plays at less than 100% so they decide to use garbage time as an opportunity to let him rest...That would be the nightmare scenario.
  5. Do you believe that McCoy is the most explosive, consistent, talented player in that backfield?
  6. Last year they struggled when they didn't go run heavy against Buffalo. I expect a run heavy game plan this Sunday similar to how they approached their 2nd meeting with Buffalo last year.
  7. He had 5 targets in addition to a rushing attempt.
  8. Huh? What does Darren Waller have to do with the Pats?
  9. Yes, you’re right. An article from August 9, talking about how to distribute RB touched among a healthy Williams, Hyde (when he was on the team), Thompson and Williams has the same relevance here in week 3 with Williams who is out, McCoy (who has since been added to roster) who is hobbled, Thompson and Williams. Stop.