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  1. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Gotcha 👍
  2. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I think DJ surprises a lot of people next year but I get why you’re saying that. It depends on if they improve the offensive line for sure.
  3. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    He’s not going in the fourth round. He finished as an RB1 this year and the offense isn’t going to get worse than it was this year. Right now he’s ranked as a second rounder.
  4. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I think this is what will happen as well but what reports are you referencing? I haven’t seen anything that’s said that.
  5. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Agreed. I’m thinking end of round 1 now which sucks but there are definitely other value RBs in the second.
  6. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    No way he will go in the 3rd. I bet his ADP will be mid-second. Second would still be a steal though.
  7. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    This Kingsbury hiring should be great for DJ. Young guy who specializes in offense.
  8. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    He’s currently ESPN’s number 9 RB. Compared to other guys in that tier like Mixon or Chubb I personally believe he has the best chance to be an elite RB1 next year.
  9. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I’m basing this on a Schefter report that Kingsbury and the Cards have mutual interest. He’s more of an offensive guy than Wilks which should help. Obviously nothing final I was just stating my opinion if he gets hired and it sounds like there’s a good chance.
  10. Aaron Jones 2019 Outlook

    I wouldn’t use an early second on him but late second I’d go for it.
  11. Aaron Jones 2019 Outlook

    As a second rounder next year I think he could be a steal. Lafleur should increase his value.
  12. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    He reminds me of Todd Gurley from 2016. Rookie QB who will likely improve next year, new coach, both on bad teams. I think he bounces back in a big way and will be a steal as a second rounder next year.
  13. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Agreed. It definitely depends on whether they get a good coach.
  14. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I’m drafting DJ wherever I can next year. This situation is so similar to Todd Gurley a couple years ago. With a new offensive minded coach and some improvement from Rosen I think DJ could be a steal since he’s going in the second round.
  15. Calvin Ridley 2018 Outlook

    An uptick in production is on the way next year. I could see him putting up similar numbers to Boyd before Green was injured as a mid to high end WR2.