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  1. Regardless of his mostly anemic night on the ground vs Tennessee, if you play in PPR like I do you have to be pretty happy with what you’re seeing. Currently fifth in targets per game among RBs which gives him a very good floor. I’m sure the TDs will start to come as well as the year goes along. Also, people seem to be discounting the fact that Tennessee was pretty much getting to him as soon as he got the ball. Not really anything he can do there. I’d say he’s an RB1 ROS in PPR.
  2. If he can get around 20 touches per game I think he’s easily an RB1.
  3. I’ll believe all these 50-50 split rumors when I see it. IMO, the best usage for Jones would be around 2/3 of the playing time. Similar to what he’s been getting.
  4. Exactly. Howard was portrayed as a high-end starter at TE.
  5. A trade to the Chargers for Melvin Gordon would be amazing.
  6. Exactly. He got 17 touches last week and now that Yeldon’s gone he’s the every-down RB there. I think moving forward he’s a lock for at least 20 touches every week.
  7. He’s the full time third down back. In what’s most likely to be one of their worst game scripts all year, he was in on 86 percent of snaps, higher than Saquon and Josh Jacobs, and one point lower than David Johnson.
  8. I’m just talking about others who were hyping him up and now want to jump ship after one week.
  9. It’s so crazy how fast people change their opinion of a player based on one week.
  10. DJ should only improve as Kingsbury does the same with his play-calling. At least one instance on the goal line where they got “too cute” and Kingsbury realized that. Should be an elite RB1 in PPR from what I saw today.
  11. Agreed. 13 points (not including the fumble) in a horrible game script and no TD is definitely serviceable, and you know in coming weeks his volume will increase. Only 17 touches today which is on the low side for him I believe. Throw in a TD and a few extra points due to increased workload and Fournette’s putting up elite RB1 numbers if he does that every week.
  12. I think this kind of workload can be expected consistently as well. Loved his usage in the receiving game.
  13. He played well against them last year.
  14. I guess that’s fair. I always thought that Jamaal would be involved in an about 70-30 split which should be enough for Jones to be productive. I think it was 66-34 last night and that should be the most Jamaal was utilized due to it being Chicago.
  15. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but anyone calling him a bust after this game is just being flat out stupid. He faced the best run defense and their offense hasn’t played in the preseason. In addition, Rodgers was getting slaughtered so it made sense to play Williams more as the better pass blocker. I guess Davante Adams is a bust too?