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  1. Something up with Green, I don’t like his situation right now, even when he does come back
  2. That is super close. I’d almost say VO but Middleton is playing some great ball right now
  3. Turner good for blocks but I like Ibaka more. Turner losing minutes to Sabo to
  4. Looking to trade draymond one offer so far could be Draymond for Jingles Bog Bog Kris Dunn they way my team is built this would get my team better at 3s and I believe at the same time keep me where I want to be in ast. I’ve been punting rebounds. Is this a good trade or could I get better.
  5. Just depends on what you need, I sorta like J Rish a little more something about that guy
  6. That’s a hard call, JJ is fire right now and he’s shooting a really good percentage. But if it was me I’d hang tight with Hayward I think by January he will be back to true form.
  7. If it was me I’d take the first option, you definitely are receiving some depth there
  8. Thinking of offering Pascal for Horford and Brook Lopez how do you guys feel about that
  9. Ayton is better for your team, but I do love Pascal this year