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  1. Wow!! A 20-20-20 game for the Westbeast! Hilarious that Billy Donovan left him in for the last 2 boards too haha
  2. Man....one last great stat-line by Big Nurk. Get better soon big fella :,(
  3. A popliteus strain...and re-evaluated in a week. Hopefully we'll get an INJ tag for him soon?
  4. Only 12 minutes with a quality 4pts and a rebound... A sign of bad things to come, or just a fluke dud?
  5. Well he definitely did more than that :0 This guy is gonna be such a beast-- reminds me of Jarrett Allen's rise in a way too Edit: Wow this guy is blocking jumpshot after jumpshot!! That length is insane
  6. I need him to score 4 points to win my matchup...will he do it? I'm honestly scared
  7. ooof I dropped him a couple weeks ago and just looked at his game log...hurts man :,(
  8. Raised my punt FG% team's FG percentage to 45% thx klay
  9. Definitely won't hurt giving Faried a shot! If there's any offense that'll benefit the Manimal, it's this one