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  1. I grabbed him. Didn't have to use my waiver priority.
  2. 12 Team 9-cat h2h yahoo keeper league. My current roster: Curry Teague Bledsoe Russell Covington - IL Ariza Jerami Grant Randle Drummond Smart KAT B. Lopez Barton Cousins Olynyk is on WW, becomes available in about 4 hours. I have 1st WW priority. Do I add him and drop Grant in light of Towns' injury? He's been on fire last month. Miami has 3-3-3 schedule, OKC is 4-3-4. Grant has been trending down, especially in blocks/steals. Thomas Bryant is available, but isn't getting good minutes. Not much else for bigs available. Playoff teams in my league are superteams because we can trade future draft picks. How would you play this hand?
  3. Saric could see more minutes/usage with KAT's injury. Wait and see how serious it is first.
  4. Tyler ftw. Clearer path to minutes, same fantasy schedule and can get real hot.
  5. We're all dead. Playoffs in 2 days. No recovering from this nightmare.
  6. Prince has too much upside imo. He hasn't been back long and he can put of numbers similar to Barton. My league is too competitive to drop him.
  7. KAT is ok at least...But I'm thinking about grabbing Tyus rt now.
  8. I've got KAT, Prince, Barton, Covington...been a rough patch lately
  9. Only hope is that they want him to be tip-top when he returns since they are looking like a lock for the playoffs in spite of injuries. I expect him to be near full-speed when he gets back into the lineup since he's fairly young. Still sucks waiting, though.
  10. No - very competitive league, but the manager had a hard-on for Doncic and sent me the offer in a drunken stupor. He's in 10th place now.
  11. 12 team H2H punt ft% (Can't access picks on yahoo app rt now) Best pick: Doncic (b/c I flipped him) Worst pick: Tyreke Best trade: Simmons and Doncic for Curry and KAT Worst trade: only made 1 trade Best add: Tyler Johnson Worst add: RHJ