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  1. H2H points league Trade: Westbrook, Butler, Jerami Grant Receive: Giannis, Kanter, Trae Young Should I make this trade? Thanks in advance!
  2. H2H points league Trade: Westbrook, Butler, Jerami Grant Receive: Giannis, Kanter, Trae Young Should I make this trade? Thanks in advance!
  3. I would be trading: Harden, CJ, Whiteside to get: AD, Beal, lonzo/RHJ/Prince (i have my choice of any of those 3) I am in a H2H points league and can really use the advice. Thanks!
  4. Should I do this trade? (trading Curry)

    So it goes Curry (43) Ibaka (27.9) Bogdanovic (22.5) Bullock (13.5) for Vuc (40) Butler (33) Hood (18) Grant (20) It'd be nice to get rid of Bullock and I am a little concerned about Curry's ankles, but then again I would be concerned that Vuc has never put up these monster numbers shooting insane FG % and if he can sustain that.
  5. Should I do this trade? (trading Curry)

    Right now Vuc is putting up 40 fpts and Jimmy 33 fpts... Steph pre-injury was 43 fpts. It's definitely a tough one, but I appreciate the help man!
  6. Should I drop Hayward for SGA?

    Please don't. Its a long season and I fully believe 20 games is not enough to drop hayward
  7. Hi, I am reposting this because I did not really get any advice yesterday most likely because I am a new member to this, but I was looking to get some advice. This is the trade: I give: Curry, ibaka, bojan bogdanovic, and Reggie bullock I receive: Vucevic, Butler, Jerami Grant (OKC one), and Hood I am in a 14 team H2H points league. Thanks for the advice in advance I appreciate it! Edit: Originally said 16 team, but meant 14 team.
  8. Should I give up Steph curry, Ibaka, Bojan Bogdanovic, and Reggie Bullock for Butler, Vucivic, Jerian Grant, and Rodney Hood I would be getting rid of Bullock who is awful and Ibaka and Bogdanovic who I think are playing a little too well for the time being. Curry's ankles scare me, but so does Vuc's production not being sustainable. Pls help! Im in a 14 team, 12 player a team league with a H2H points format
  9. Tatum or Gallo? WHIR

    The celtics as a whole are struggling while the Clippers are on cloud 9 rn riding high. Give the celtics more than 20 games and Brad Stevens will have them back to full speed
  10. Trade review Kemba for DeRozan

    Kemba is the real deal.. This is not a just a hot streak he's just that good.
  11. Jarrett Allen for Donovan Mitchell? WHIR!!!

    If the owner is that impatient I would offer immediatley
  12. Good Haul for Kawhi and Embid?

    Embid isn't far off from AD. and you'll be giving up kawhi? thats a no
  13. Rate My Team

    I'd drop lamb for Garris. I still believe in him, but I understand if you wouldn't
  14. Curry and KAT side wins.. I doubt that owner would accept it though.. Sample size of Doncic is too small.
  15. THJ or Donovan Mitchell

    I think the Mitchell owner might reject that trade if he isn't too anxious