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  1. I'm looking for either a New start up Keeper League or one with Orphans in need of new owners. Not Dynasty plz, but Keeper. Keeping 4 to 8 players per yr. Plz contact me at
  2. Yea I get it now, I will need to practice some auction drafts fosho...
  3. Oh ok, that makes sense. I'll be able to pay it before that. I have a question regarding the auction draft. I've never done one. If owners go by just $ to build their roster, what keeps for example 4 or more teams from having Gurley and stuff like that?
  4. Does everyone HAVE to pay all $150 to get started? That may be part of the reason that ur not getting too many bites. Being right after xmas and all. 75 each of first 2 yrs is definitely more doable, for me at least..
  5. I am indeed a serious Fantasy FB enthusiast. Please contact me with details
  6. I am in search of Keeper Fantasy leagues that either have orphans or doing a startup. I prefer a 4 to 10 player keeper league. My email:
  7. I'm interested in $50 redraft Joe Burrell
  8. I don't want to just click on ur invite link without asking first but are u still looking for owners?
  9. I'm somewhat interested, however just curious why was Canada the only one with a full Roster? Do other teams get their pick of players from teams whose owners leave?