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  1. I have 2 openings for my ESPN Fantasy Baseball League. It is a free for bragging rights only non keeper. You must be an active owner that will participate. If interested please reply as soon as possible.
  2. I have 2 openings in my free bragging rights only ESPN Fantasy Baseball League. It is a 12 Team Non Keeper. If interested post your email that is linked to your ESPN Account & you are in. Thanks.
  3. I just had a Team Manager quit my 12 Team ESPN Keeper League. I need an owner to assume the manager of this Team. I will tell you that the Team needs a manager with a lot of patience to get it better. The League has been active for a number of years and is for free & bragging rights. Please respond if you are interested. Thanks.
  4. I manage 2 Fantasy Baseball Leagues in ESPN. One is a 12 Team Keeper League and the other is a non (reset) League. Both are for fun & bragging rights. I just had one Team Manager tell me he wont be back for 2019. His team isn't horrible. With a few trades and a good draft it could be a competing team. If you are a person that will respond to email (trade offers) & fill out your lineup daily, then I would love to have you join our league and take over this team. If you are interested & have an ESPN Fantasy Account (Free) please email me at BgBraves77@Gmail.Com.