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  1. We only done snake in the 6 years of doing fantasy football. I have no issues with with it, same with the rest of the league. Its been rare that the person drafting 1st has won the title and my last league win 3 years ago I drafted 10th. Snake just seems easier and dont want to complicate things at the moment for the rest of the league. Though eventually ill ask the league if they want to try out auction go from there. I'm the commissioner and always try to make changes to league settings etc.
  2. Yea he cost me couple games this year I finally had enough after he was out week 14 and let him go.. course he goes off the following 2 weeks for his best 2 weeks of the year lol Think he put up more pts in w 15 and 16 combine then he did the rest of the year.
  3. I like this dude, hes mean Hoping he goes under the radar in next year draft lol
  4. Similar to my league 6th place was 7-6 and was behind all the playoffs teams in total pts by 160. Hes in sb and posting his best score of the year lol. Projecting to score 157. He has rodgers and j. Williams and crosby. Rudolph went off for him as well. Also has cooper and derrick Henry on team helped him in his playoff run
  5. Man screw this thread... Jk maybe try getting doug Baldwin if hes available I drop his a** last week and he went off for his bestgame this week. He might have scored more pts this week then he had all season... has good matchup with chiefs this week Robert foster looks good for the bills
  6. Yea him having Conner hurt didn't help things. Kelce, goff, thielen, fournette, c Davis didn't show up this week for him. Boyd left game and Kamara having a avg game as well didn't help.
  7. Same here I always set my lineups 2 to 3 weeks in advance and generally those lineups would win me games that I lost cuz I went ahead and made changes to it... never fails even tell myself to stop doing last minutes moves etc and still do it. Been at it for like 6 seasons...
  8. Damn #1 seed in my league bout to post up his lowest score of the year and lose his matchup... he avg 126/PG and outscore 2nd place by 125. His previous low score was 80 during his bye last week. Hes playing 6th seed and will lose by 40 it seems. Cruel game we play
  9. In my league top 2 guys looking like they gonna lose to 6th and 4th seed... they would have both lost last week to all playoffs teams if it wasn't for their bye Crazy season... 6th seed has derrick Henry and was lowest scoring playoff team by far.
  10. Yep if it wasn't for his 22.8 pts on week 13 8 would have been out of the playoffs due to less pts scored
  11. Pretty sure ekeler ain't playing and will be surprise if Gordon does.. think Gordon would have a chance if it was Sunday game. Would fire up Jackson if u don't have better option.
  12. Yea I lost by so many diff factors and well main one was leaving ware in bench for Jackson. Also zeuerlein miss 40 yr fg for me Juju gets 4.3 pts on lateral at end of Pitts game for opponent Me getting Ian Thomas on waiver on wed then dropping him Friday for Arnold, then Arnold is inactive 1 hr before game sunday and now looking to pick up thomas again and hes back on waiver til wed lol Was stuck with burton on as free agent... Could also ice game if Seahawks don't run that int in... seems time would have run out and would have won by .28 if time ran out Wasn't my year had most pts score against me and lost delanie Walker 1st game of the year, dealt with Baldwin issues kerryon gets hurt when i need him in playoffs.. had duds just bout every game except for 1 in lineup this year tough season to navigate
  13. Man not sure if I would have gone with Jackson over ware if I hadn't found this forum lol, though I did have some confidence in him this week oh well... Sucks leaving ur w on bench
  14. Well left my W(ware ) on the bench for him... on to 2019 Rough one
  15. Well season is done.. don't know how I had a chance late in that game with him having cook and needing 6.5 pts coming into tonight's game. If Seattle hadn't run that pick six game might have been over and I would have won by .28. Also killing I went with Jackson over ware left the win on the bench