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  1. got him off waivers and using as wr3, expecting a td against the raiders this week. See him and fuller bout same but stills with the better hands.
  2. need to maintain 15 pt lead, I have Pat's def going against edelman and j white
  3. wow man, takes some guts to sit mahomes, j allen actually my starting qb
  4. yea was smh after that was few mins after I made the switch...
  5. f--- bench hardman last minute smh, looks like I'll be all over the rant and vent thread this week
  6. just finished watching bout 30mins of videos and reading articles on this dude went and grabbed him off waivers and starting over hardman, hopes he produces let's go!!
  7. yep cant figure out what his issue is running the ball, looks to be his vision and hesitating a bit. Once he figures it out should be providing lots of upside. Still keeping has insurance and bye week replacement
  8. similar crap happen with Lynn last year regarding ekeler and j Jackson, so annoying going by some of these coaches
  9. its more of pittsburgh defense especially upfront playing, he will be alright ROS rivers looks like s--- doesnt help
  10. keeping him, can drop deebo for a fill in
  11. sitting last at 1-4 and with the hardest schedule finally broke out: c samuels, Slye, c carson, dj, Pat's def. I will be scoring most pts this week. Also caught a break with my opponent most likely ending up below 85 pts this week.
  12. just saw the one he missed at the end of the game needed those 4, wasnt aware he had another miss
  13. I'm rolling him out due to Allen rob on bye and over deebo Samuel's. Expect a floor of 7, though could easily boom past that.