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  1. Perhaps from my own misguided, bias as a Kings fan, but the underpinnings of that bias stem from the boatload of Sac games I watch, and BogBog, although playing brutally inefficient as of late, is still a great contributor. He's a play-maker, and most definitely has been forcing his shots too much, but again, as KilloWertz mentioned, he contributes in several categories, and, as I mentioned, he has great chemistry with his coach (and team). And I disagree with KilloWertz when he says. "he's completely forgotten how to shoot." Not true, although I'm sure you were exaggerating just a bit. He can shoot, and I think it is indeed more of a slump than anything (cue the eye rolls!). I should also mention that I'm in a points league, where the stakes are indeed different. And if he continues to play this poorly, sure, I may have to give him the ol' ax. But us humans are a forgetful people, and sometimes we forget to remember/realize the brilliance in others (including ourselves!), and earlier in the year Bo-Bo was an easy must-own player. The needle has moved, sure, but his role and chemistry with the team have not, and I won't waver on my 'he's a great guy to have at the end of your bench' stance. The comparison to J-Rich was unfair for sure, but I was just making the point that Bog is one of those outliers where I kind of expect sub-par games from him given his unselfish play, and he's not for everyone. But factoring in his schedule and potential, he could be a great, albeit perhaps a bit expendable, for your team in the end. Remember, this is just my silly opinion, which is why I said you can project your confusion and resentment onto me by calling me a bad name. But I will not be surprised if Bog's upcoming 4-game week is a helpful one for his owners. If I'm wrong about his upcoming 4-game week, you can call me two bad names. Go on, I can take it.😔
  2. Some will disagree, others will not, but I think BogBog is borderline must roster from here on out. I say this as a Kings fan, watching a great deal of their games. Joerger loves him, and he will continue to get big minutes down the stretch, and his upside is always wonderful when it comes to helping you virtually everywhere. He's one of those players, kind of like J-Rich, that I Iet off the hook more so than other players, simply because I know his potential and am willing to accept his inevitable, occasional sub-par performances when factoring in his overall upside and role with the team. And his playoff schedule is as good as it gets. I say scoop him up, and you can call me a mean name if I'm wrong about him, but I think he's a lovely guy to have at the end of your roster.
  3. Nah, I would hold onto Beal. The guy is a legit top 5-10 player now, and you'd be trading for two people hovering around top 30. Beal's a rare breed, and I think you could do better keeping him + streaming. Not to mention, you're giving up a fantastic playoff schedule. I'd appreciate your help on this one!
  4. Hey guys, Wondering what your thoughts are on trading Harrell over to a team that needs all the help he can get as an Ibaka owner. Although I'm not just doing it out of the goodness of my own heart. I'm in a BYE week right now, so Ibaka would theoretically be ready for his 4-game slate on week 23, whereas Harrell only has 3 games. Do you recommend the swap? Or do you think it worth holding on to Harrell because of his 4-game week on the week 24 (assuming I make it there!).
  5. Hey there. I would drop Smart and it would be a toss up for me between Powell and Ingles (but I'd probably side with Ingles for consistency's sake). I also noticed you have Gary Harris and, man, I wouldn't be down on you if you let him go either. He's just not the same player and he doesn't have the same role as last year. Buuuut, I understand he has potential and a mighty fine playoff schedule, so it's understandable that you'd ride him out if you've come this far. So Smart is my vote. Also, your team is looking pretty damn stacked! Curry-Harden-Jokic-Doncic-Vuc?! I like your odds! Good luck, take care.
  6. I don't know but I put in a low-ballish trade offer to his owner in a tight playoff week as I sit in my BYE week lounge chair. So it's one of those cases where it would be more advantageous for ME if he didn't play, but I will not hope for bad things or wish anything upon anyone, as us fervent fantasy fellows tend to do. Wishing Luka the best however it plays out.
  7. Considering the surprises of fantasy, a better player will likely surface as desperation kicks in and people need to make drops to stay in the playoffs. Having said that, I am high on Sato. He has little competition at the PG spot and helps you mostly everywhere, whether you're in a points league or category league. And yes, the 4-4-4 schedule raises his value that much more. It depends on your needs too, man. If it's going to be a tight one in the first round I say go for it. Sato will likely be scooped up by someone else otherwise. At the end of the day, it's probably not a make-or-break decision, but come playoff time I am thrilled to have Sato on my squad. Best o' luck to ya.
  8. We are some hopeful chums, aren't we? I'm surprised everyone has stuck with him for as long as they have, but am not surprised that they raved about his one pretty good game against a presently hapless Lakers team. I think people like Cedi, Isaac, Powell, White, Sato, along with other waiver wire adds, are much more valuable than Harris, and I think they will continue to be for ROS, the injury factor is the big culprit here, and the deep Denver squad being a lesser one. But if I still owned him I suppose I would keep the hope alive, as you all are doing, especially considering his nice playoff schedule. But this "top 30 potential" everyone speaks of is kind of silly at this point, isn't it? Even Cedi has had a top 30 game here and there over the last month, as will Garris, here and there, but I think consistent top 30 hopes are, how do I say this, dead?
  9. I say Lowry. I think Tobias took a bit of usage away from Butler, and Embiid isn't even back in the mix yet. Not to mention, Lowry basically has the keys with Kawhi resting so much. And lastly, Lowry has the slight playoff edge (3-4-3 to Butler's 3-3-3). Good luck!
  10. My ranking (also noting playoff schedules), and this is also based off a 10-team points league perspective (I'm in one too). White (3-4-3) , Bev (4-3-4), Powell (3-4-3), Mirotic (3-4-3), LeVert (4-2-3)
  11. Hey guys, Our trade deadline passes this week and this is an offer that has been proposed, which would send my Kawhi and Tobias for his Doncic and Mitchell in a 10-team points league. It seems like it's giving up a bit much, but when factoring in Kawhi's rest days and Tobias' 3-3-3 schedule, is it really that uneven a trade? I'd appreciate your insights and would be happy to help in return!
  12. You and me both. It's the first thing I'm bringing up to my therapist next session. Mom can wait a week.
  13. So how do you folks view Kanter moving forward ROS and heading into the playoffs? Someone you'd prefer to have on your squad as you make your run? Or would you rather have guys like Portis, Cedi, Isaac, etc. over him?
  14. Honestly, I would probably take Love by a nose considering his love-ly playoff schedule, and he looks to be picking up where he left off. AD is not only on a restriction, but always faces the risk of not playing at all. I'd do it. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the below if you have any!
  15. Hey everyone, A trade was proposed in my 10-team points league that would land me Beal and Mirotic for my Griffin and Tobias. What say you all on which side wins, obviously considering ROS potential and playoff positioning. Thanks!