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  1. Up 1.18 points with Lindsay and Den D still to go for me, my opponent is done. So... unless Lindsay fumbles early and gets knocked out for the rest of the game, and Denver D gets less than 2 points, I should be fine. Not benching.
  2. I see him staying in Washington. He can be a great mentor to Guice and would be great to use both and keep them fresh. Running the ball has become their identity, which should open enough carries for both to see plenty of work. He's also proved he can catch out of the backfield, making it less obvious the call is a run or pass. Work in Thompson for some 3rd down work and you have a great group right there.
  3. I don't think we are going to hear anything about his level of usage this week. Hopefully we do, but would you trust Marrone's word?
  4. Lindsay. Both are studs, but Lindsay is the safer play with still a great matchup to exploit. Raiders have 'improved' their run D? Did anyone see Mixon tear them up last week averaging 4.8 yards a carry?
  5. I have the exact same question, but add Luke Kuechly to that as well. I'm leaning Deion Jones and Kuechly over Wagner this week because 1) Jones and Kuechly will have more tackle opportunities. I especially like Jones with Heinicke at QB. 2) SEA runs the ball a lot and Mahomes can score with just one play, therefore limiting Wagner's upside. Purely due to matchup this week, Wagner is a stud. Having a tougher time choosing between Kuechly and Wagner.
  6. 12 team half PPR, went 13-0 and broke all important league records. And in the ship. QB: Mahomes WR: T Hill WR: Golladay/Mike Williams RB: D Cook RB: P Lindsay TE: Kelce W/T: Ertz/Samuels Flex: Fournette/ Ware/ D Williams/ Kelly/ Conner K: Zuerlein D: Broncos
  7. Great matchup, but definitely not confident starting him. May be forced to if Ware plays in a RBBC with Damien Williams.
  8. If conner is out I'm starting Samuels over Ertz no problem. As an RB? Yeah that's tough.