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  1. I'd drop Winston. You should be able to get him back or get another quality 2nd QB when you need him. Quality RBs are harder to find and I wouldn't drop Hardman.
  2. Brady. Stafford is also questionable though he will probably play. Should make you lean more towards Brady however.
  3. Howard should be fine in this matchup as the rams will get after Winston and that Bucs offensive line. I'd also go Brissett. Would drop Samuels for Penny and try to get him back after the week is over.
  4. If you need a RB in a couple weeks though, use Peterson vs Miami. That's the only time he may come in handy after this week.
  5. I wouldn't cut either, actually I'd just go without a kicker this week. If I had to cut one, depends which of the two you're starting. If Hardman is in your lineup, cut Robinson and vice versa. Wouldn't feel good about cutting either one as we don't know who will get more playing time when Hill comes back.
  6. Gordon over Ingram for the higher upside.
  7. For me it's between Carson and Hardman. I'm not worried if Penny plays cause I think this is a statement game for Carson against that Arizona D. They want him back on track and this is the perfect game to do it. Both are good options though, if you feel you need big upside go for Hardman. I'd go Seattle D over Indy. Malik Hooker and Darius Leonard are out, and Arizona is easy for sacks. I had to make this exact choice myself and going Seattle.
  8. Wait until inactives for the 1pm game come out. If Burkhead doesn't play you save yourself from making a cut, and if he does then tough choice between him and Williams - I'd probably cut the latter but only if I had to.
  9. I'd also pick up AJ Green while you can. He may still be 3 weeks away until he plays in a game but worth it in my opinion over holding on to 2 TEs. Not a fan of Cook either, but for this week I like Vernon vs the Giants.
  10. I'd try McCoy and Thielen first, then McCoy + Godwin. Vikes are run heavy so would prefer to keep Godwin over him.