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  1. Another winner is Ito Smith. Hard to see Devonta Freeman carrying the full load after all of the injuries he's had.
  2. Thanks regarding Mike Williams, I didn't look at his ADP so didn't know that. In any case, a winner for 2019.
  3. The fact that Latavius Murray is gone must mean Dalvin Cook is (winner) unless the Vikings draft another RB, right? Seems like only injury can hold Cook back unless the Vikings draft someone. Meanwhile, since Mike Davis joined Chicago I'd be scared to invest an early pick into the Chicago running game. Speaking of Mike Davis leaving, don't forget about both Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny in Seattle. Finally, one late round flier might be Mike Williams since Tyrell Williams left the Chargers.
  4. Any worries that Bell will be like DJ last year or Gurley before he blew up, or is NYJ's offense just not that bad? I owned DJ last year and remember all the runs up the middle and seemingly lack of receptions.
  5. So is the consensus that this is better for Beckham? At first I thought it might hurt his volume playing with Landry but I might be overthinking it.
  6. It feels similar to when folks said Davante Adams wouldn't do well without Jordy taking the #1 CBs. Juju will surely get plenty of volume.
  7. Do people think this removes the concerns about Guice based on Washington's offense? Injury is still a concern of course.
  8. I agree. I think the #2 PIT WR has been pretty successful for many years during the Big Ben era. I don't know the number off the top of my head though.
  9. When do you have to declare keepers? Everyone reading the tea leaves make it sound like it's unlikely that the Browns keep both Chubb and Hunt for 2020. Depending on your team and keeper rules, it might be worth holding onto someone of Chubb's talent with an eye towards 2020 and seeing what happens then. If we assume Hunt is out for the first 6 games and takes over after that, then the worst case scenario is you have a great player to help boost your standings for the first half of the fantasy regular season. If it turns into a 50/50 situation then there are probably worse players out there you could use as a Flex if you have a Flex spot. It's all risky of course.
  10. I agree. I think he has a decent chance to end up in top 10 for total or average points, but the real issue will be weekly consistency if Doyle and Hilton stay healthy. If I end up drafting a TE later than everyone else I don't mind getting Ebron but it'll probably be a low yardage, relatively high TD (6-10?) season with big games sprinkled in here and there.
  11. If I recall correctly, the stretch of games when Michel did really well is when Burkhead was out. Once Burkhead came was playing again I think that's when Michel's numbers became much more inconsistent. Michel did just fine with White this year, I think the problem is Burkhead eating into the snaps. This doesn't mean that I think Burkhead is a threat to Michel's role as a starter, the issue is about having 50%-55% of the snaps versus 35%-40% of the snaps.
  12. Do people think Michael Gallup could be a late-round sleeper for 2019 or is this just a one-time thing?
  13. I imagine that a lot of HCs, other coaching staff, and even management have a hard time walking away from the game.
  14. Agreed. Depending on league size and settings I'd love to pair Winston with another late round QB with the hope that one of them pans out.