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  1. How confident are folks with starting Moore if Newton doesn’t play? Newton was at least feeding him targets.
  2. Me as a Kamara owner right now, and probably other Saints owners:
  3. I'm in a similar situation with a team that I went RB heavy on, right now planning to use Jeffery instead of Mixon in the flex spot for half PPR. Jeffery could have one of those 3 catch/40 yard games but I'd rather take my chances on his game being a shootout than worry about how many touches Mixon will get. If Mixon blows up on my bench then at least I know he's good to go for the following weeks.
  4. Pretty good offenses that stall = fantasy gold for kickers. I will definitely be picking him up in some leagues next week.
  5. Not necessarily, Michel may get more redzone/goalline opportunities now.
  6. I think there's still some risk of Brown making a fuss about lack of targets. I highly doubt Brady is going to force targets to Brown just to make him happy.
  7. It’s clear to me that, after giving his apology, Brown had a Mufasa-like vision of Terrell Owens in the clouds, telling Brown “Remember who you are.”
  8. I have Dak in a league that has -1 point per sack. I noticed that last year Dak had about twice as many sacks as his first two years. So that was due to the O-line last year?
  9. Geronimo Allison is 57% owned on Yahoo, I wonder how far that will fall after this game.
  10. In one of my half-PPR leagues, one team has Jimmy Graham against Aaron Jones. Graham was projected for about 7, Jones for about 14. Right now, Graham is projected for about 14 and Jones for about 7.
  11. He probably would, last year I had Devonte Freeman and Doug Baldwin on the same team, from what I remember in some weeks they would get tagged as questionable during the week, then on Friday-Sat the team would declare the player Out, and at that point I could put them back in IR or make other roster changes. Thinking about it more, this issue might not come up in the beginning of the season, but would come up when he starts practicing a bit but isn’t quite ready to actually play, which was why they were tagged as Q during the week until being declared out.
  12. That makes sense, yeah that's how I've been seeing this group. I've consistently been able to get at least one of McCoy/Guice/Murray so far as my RB 4/5. I have Murray right in front of the others but it's close in my eyes anyway - like another poster said earlier above, I don't think Peterson is just going to go away, plus Thompson is still around. It looks like you had a typo in the end but based on what you wrote I think you meant to say Guice, Murray, McCoy.
  13. How do people rank McCoy, Guice, and Drake for half PPR? Right now I have McCoy first, Guice second, Drake third, but I keep going back and forth on how to rank them. I feel like McCoy and Guice have more upside than Drake.