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  1. My top 5 would be Harden KAT Giannis Lillard Jokic I'd downgrade AD to the second round if he doesn't move from New Orleans
  2. Do not draft Blake or Lowry. They'll be stat stuffers at the start of the season and eventually wear down by the time playoff season comes around
  3. yeah, they always have a rb committee but they always have that one back who produces good numbers for fantasy (westbrook, mccoy, staley, even blount)
  4. I'd go with Lillard. consistent, durable, and nearing his peak years. His team will contend more if the Warriors team loses 2 of its big 4
  5. will this trade make him a midround gem for next year's draft?
  6. Early picks: Giannis, Harden, Embiid, KAT, Jokic, Lillard, George Midround: JJJ, Collins, KP, Young, Robinson, Doncic Late Round: Murray, Kyle Anderson, Elf, Bam, Sato, Hachimura, Levert what round would you take Zion?
  7. Knicks should stay away from Kyrie and his deteriorating knees. That's a John Wall contract in the making
  8. Saquon's gonna get Barry Sanders'd. 😢
  9. That would be a solid and cap-friendly bench mob for the Knicks right there. i'd be good if they're starting 5 next year would be smith-thompson-durant-zion-brolo no way can smith jr and kyrie coexist in the same backcourt
  10. good start. i'll give him a week to get back to producing at his usual level
  11. Mahomes is gonna be the new Rodgers/Brees in their prime wherein owners will draft him in the middle to end of the first round. The draft cost will be too high but that's the price you have to pay for a surefire set it and forget it player.
  12. Why shouldn't they? He would make their topflight offense even more explosive. If you're gonna shell out 20m on a skill position player, might as well be bell as opposed to Watkins.
  13. more like Salvation Army or fire sale version of the Dubs
  14. Settled on a Gobert for Lowry trade. (I got Lowry) good deal?
  15. I'd pick him first overall if he signed with the Chiefs. They should look to acquire him if they had the cap space (and if they don't, they should dump Watkins' bad contract in order to make it happen)