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  1. is there an update on him regarding his injury? do u reckon he’ll play tonite?
  2. Though Wizards have a better po schedule, I'd go with Jah (with AD one step closer to being shut down). I don't trust scott brooks.
  3. Buyout from Knicks. Plans to sign with Pacers (and try to fill Oladipo’s gap I guess). Does he have any value ROS?
  4. If they don’t trade AD, Randle and Mirotic, what’s gonna happen with Jah? Are we thanking him for his services and dropping him?
  5. h2h league should I start milsap or bryant for this week? milsap has four games, bryant has three. Milsap’s quite unstable these past weeks, Bryant doesn’t get the minutes he deserves. thanks
  6. Do we have any update on his dtd status?