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  1. Adam Thielen Marlon Mack D. Williams help me with my Flex! 1 pt PPR
  2. I think thielen was prepped for as a little white dude who was overshadowed and very ill prepped for by opposing Ds... this late in the season defenses know he’s not a throw away WR but has to be prepped for as there top target. Could see a 4 catch 52 yard game this Sunday.
  3. Would you start Marlon Mack or Thielen in the flex spot- PPR and why
  4. PPR would you guys go Marlon Mack, Damien Williams or Thielen? been wrestling with this all week
  5. I find it hard to believe Patriots crap the bed for the third week in a row.. AT HOME Pats or Dolphins???
  6. Thoughts on Adam Thielen?? Shocked I’m even considering but pondering benching him for Marlon Mack. PPR