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  1. This is my first year doing fantasy and the one thing I learned is dont put such a huge premium on 3s at the expense of other cats (like blocks/steals). There will always be guys on the waiver wire who can go off for 5-7 3s on any given night (Ross, Shamet, Jordan Clarkson etc.). Not many guys on the wire who can go get you 3+ blocks or 3+ steals. Draft them and use your moves to fortify 3s. This also why I'm not as high on Buddy Hield as alot of other people are. If he fell in the mid rounds, sure. But I'm not sold enough on the value of his production vis a vis other options to warrant drafting him in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.
  2. I drafted Julius Randle in the 8th round, and D-Lo in the 7th round. Both are beasts for a punt TO team, which is the best strategy in 9 cat leagues IMO. Going to target both in the mid rounds (depending on their FA destination of course).
  3. Depends on your situation. If you are in a tight fight and some of your options are comparable in value but also healthy , then sure. I'm doing pretty well in my semis right now so I can afford to hold on to him even if he doesnt play. Next week is a different story (if everything holds and I make finals).
  4. Man, that clumsy rook Robinson landed on Lowrys ankle. RIP to any chances of a 4 game week
  5. Said he tweaked his ankle in today's game. Any chance he rests this week? The guy I'm matched with in Semis has him. And after he obliterated his first round opponent as the 6 seed...I'm not too thrilled about the prospect of seeing Giannis 4 times in a week.
  6. What a beast. The better he plays, the less incentive there is for NO to rush Jrue back.
  7. The Jazz organization found evidence that supported Westbrooks version of events. The insult could be either homophobic or racial, depending on the intention of the party who said it. Russ interpreted as racial. Racist tweets from the slobs now-deleted account confirm hes a racist. Its pretty clear cut. There are just some on this forum that want to take this as an opportunity to announce their hatred for "outrage culture", when the facts clearly dont apply. In fact , they risk diluting the persausiveness of their own outrage over outrage culture, which is really ironic.
  8. I think you're the one missing the point. We are saying Russ' claims are legitimate given the guy's nauseating twitter profile. The facts support Russ' interpretation of the guy's intention. It doesnt matter whether Russ was aware of the clown's racist past at the time. I admit, the slur can either be homophobic or racist. The bum's racist history suggests that he meant it as a racial slur. Especially considering this isnt the first time he directed racist remarks to Russ before. Whether Russ was aware of the guys previous racial abuse is irrelevant. He was spot on with his claim that the slob was racist, supported by facts that later came up. If it had turned out that the guy actually has a history of advocating for social justice for black Americans , then that would bring russ ' interpretation of the comment into question. That wasnt the case. Like I said, Russ was bang on. He didnt need to know of the tweets ahead of time. They just confirmed what he correctly interpreted at the time he was heckled.
  9. White slave owners would tell their slaves the same thing. Even if the fan meant it as a homophobic slur (which isnt any better than a racial one ) , he should be more aware of the historical context of a white man telling a black individual to "get on his knees like hes used to". That may be asking too much from that fool, but you cant blame Russ for interpreting it as a racial slur. Edit: also keep in mind, many slaves picked cotton on their knees because it was tough to bend their backs over all day. The racial dynamic to that slur is obvious.
  10. False. Trump got 60 million votes. 60/350 + Million =/= 50%. You're also being disingenuous with how you characterize the situation. The shluck's poor pathetic excuse was that he told Russ to "sit down and ice his knees". When you take into account that the slob once tweeted at Russ once to "go back to where he came from", whose version of events last night sounds more plausible? Russ, or a known racist with a weak excuse ?
  11. When is time to hit the panic button? He's been abysmal for a solid month.
  12. Jimmy is overrated as hell. At the time of the deal, you got rinsed. It might have worked out for you in the end, but that doesnt mean the trade was a good one at the time. You have to be lucky to be good. And it just so happened that Jrue suffered a tricky injury. I'm sure if Jrue wasnt actually injured he would be out there balling with his teammates. He's not weak like AD. I'm glad the trade worked out for you. But let's not rub it in the face of others as an example of your brilliance.
  13. I'm expecting 15/10/5 while Jrue is gone. Probably not with the best efficiency, but he is going to be a solid part of any team. I almost dropped him this morning with DJ coming off the IL. Its between Jordan Clarkson, Kuz and Jabari now. Good problems hahaha
  14. This guy is a monster. Doesnt receive nearly as much love as he deserves. Even his FT% hasnt killed me recently.