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  1. So this is an example of the stats we use for sim leagues. Then each player has probabilities of how they will do then there are other effects as well like our manager preferences and ball park our team opponents team etc. Extremely in depth.
  2. So this is for Sim baseball which is automated. You have real 25 man rosters and 40 man reserves.
  3. Desmond is just gonna be a super bad defensive utility guy, who will fill in. I really feel the Rockies best prospects are not exactly fantasy prospects right now because they are too far away.
  4. Deivi is a solid pick at that spot and likely could of been drafted earlier, but there are 3 reasons he is drafted there. 1. People use old info 2. The players picked ahead of him are pretty good as well, often it is coin flipping or personal preference when it comes to prospects. 3. like it or not some people always assume yankee's prospects are over hyped. Also thank you for your replies
  5. I also should add that this is not fantasy, it is much closer to just real baseball where we have reserves, and defense and things like throwing arms matter.
  6. Hi folks this is the Amateur draft for my 30 team Sim league, now things you have to know is everyone under 125 ABs can be drafted and international FA's are also in this draft. Draft picks can be traded but every team must have a 1st or a 2nd rounder. This is just 3 rounds with 2 compensation rounds, what I would love if people could just say who their top 5 drafts were and maybe the steal of the draft. A few teams have been skipped I got tired of waiting if anyone has a candidate for biggest reach that would be great also. Thanks to anyone who posts their thoughts.