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  1. Baaaaahhh. No way! Worst possible time. He's been amazing this season...
  2. Let me know when you have your answer. I'm in the same boat
  3. Otto has had to be my most frustrating player to own all season. Needed him to play today to hold on to a chance of winning this weekly matchup and he's Out with Load Management... Good luck
  4. Confident our guy will keep his flow for the remainder of the season?
  5. I'm worried about his Plantar as well. It isn't an injury that seems to go away when it gets fixed as a broken finger bone does. It's something that lingers constantly and although I'm very high on White I'm worried that he'll play another 8-10 games and have to rest for some time again. I'm between him and Cody Zeller for a WW pick up.
  6. Well link the "6 week injury" article, please...
  7. Where have they said this and why would they say it? Makes me nervous
  8. Is he worth the pick up even if no one in NOLA gets traded?
  9. Haven't scooped him up but he's on the radar. Very very tempted but I will hold fire until deadline day. I hope the situation works out for him because he is providing monster production. Lakers offered 6 players... if accepted that has to eat away at his time/usage rate/production. If the trade does not happen and AD stays, is the best one can hope for a shut down for The Brow? Thoughts?
  10. Brooklyn’s Caris LeVert (foot) will return to five on five practice soon and there’s optimism the gifted guard can return to Nets lineup prior to the All-Star Break, league sources tell ESPN. - @wojespn
  11. Hoping they don't keep pushing these sort of announcements continuously...
  12. I hope it's the case that he is 'healthy' but would be shocking to not have the Knicks play him some minutes every game if HE truly wanted to play.
  13. Hey guys, haven't heard anything official in some time but news that he's been practicing is clearly a good sign. I imagine he still is a bit far off? What do you guys think his role will be and fantasy production will look like once he is back and playing. I'm in a league with no IL and he's still on the WW but will get scooped up as soon as anything positive regarding his condition pops up. Have any local Nets reports surfaced about his injury? I appreciate the 'return post ASB' but seems quite vague to me. Hoping he gets well soon and continues to grow when he comes back. Man was beasting before all this.