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  1. Noooo. If he gets more minutes, his horrible efficiency stats (fg%, ft%, t/o) will have large implications on your teams. Dunn is one of those players that are more productive in fantasy with a lesser role. His minutes are where they should be. Having 30+ minutes (like in previous years) hurts fantasy teams much more than not
  2. Whew good thing i was patient and didnt drop yet. This dude earned even more time on my roster 😂. Favors on the other hand... 👿 injury-prone headache... Now I'm just waiting for Ayton to come back and for Brandon Clarke to start getting 30 minutes. PATIENCE
  3. I love kris dunn in his reduced role! He has less of an impact on your %s and turnovers, but still delivers the goodies 😂😂😂. 20 MPG ftw
  4. Miles just earned himself some more time on my roster. Man this guy 😂 such a headache to own
  5. "Sixers on a 16-3 run since ntilikina went to the bench" - game announcer 😶
  6. My dude just needs a better environment. Also, numbers don't tell the whole story. Maybe comparing him to Kawhi and Giannis was going a little too far, but I believe Frank is at least an all star at some point in his career. Considering he was drafted by the knicks, I can't really fault him for taking a bit longer to develop. Hopefully he signs with the spurs, indiana, or some other good organization that isnt in "win now" mode
  7. I don't recommend this cuz the knicks are horrible, but watch a few games. Frank has been showing flashes of attitude lately. Yeah I acknowledged that his numbers from the summer don't stand out, but it's all about the aggressiveness and confidence that he showed. Frank will be great one day. Just trust the process and hope he gets traded sooner rather than later lol Kawhi and giannis came in as scrubs, but had the work ethic and environment to eventually flourish. From what ive read, Frank has the work ethic. Now he just needs the environment. Im hoping he gets traded or the knicks organization goes through some sort of overhaul or revelation
  8. Sorry, but I disagree. This guy was unleashed while playing for team France this past summer and that was thanks to the environment that he was in. While his numbers weren't that impressive, he displayed a lot of confidence and aggressiveness that he's just starting to show for the knicks. Being on the knicks is messing with his development. He needs an environment that allows him to be himself. Honestly, I see this guy developing in a similar way that Kawhi developed when he first came into the league. For those of yall that didnt know, Kawhi was kind of a scrub when he first entered the league lmao. However, he was in an environment that nurtured him and allowed him to develop confidence in himself and grow . That said, I think some changes to knicks management or a trade to another team would benefit Frank greatly.
  9. I would hold onto Rudy Gay and trade Favors instead if you can. Rudy Gay is playing very well right now and helps your %s. Between Jaren Jackson, Robert Williams, and Jaren Jackson, you should still be quite competitive in blocks
  10. Okay. I wasn't sure because the team under your name doesn't have Marvin Williams. How are points scored in your league, and who can you grab off the wire if the trade goes through?
  11. What does the rest of your team look like? How big is your league?
  12. What does the rest of your roster look like? Otherwise I'd lean toward dropping Fournier.