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  1. Definitely not the second, I also huge fan of Levert. Do the first since you will lose the least.
  2. Jabari > Portis > Huerter (Atlanta got bad playoff schedule) > Williams > Zeller
  3. Nance could be tricky with Love back. Parker/Portis will be inconsistent but have 4/4/4 playoff. Zubac is capped by Harrell. My rank is: Nance > Parker > Portis > Zubac. The first three are REALY close though.
  4. Yahoo 9-cat 12 teams league. I’m 100% in playoff (which is between week 22 to 24). My: Aaron Gordon + Will Barton for His: Bradly Beal. More information: Mirotic in my IL, when he returns I don’t really have anyone to drop since I picked Kenrich Williams. I could drop Marcus Smart or Evan Fournier or do this trade. I also Punt FT%. What do you think? I’m not sure if I’m giving too much in this trade. Thanks ahead for the help.
  5. If he will play with the second unit and mark 26-30 min a-game he should be decent. If he is starting it will be tough.
  6. This is not what we were waiting for. Get your s--- together Will.
  7. I think Rubio + Favors and draft pick for Conley and Exum + draft picks for Mirotic is close.
  8. Moore is on the block, the Pelicans going full rebuild mode after Davis trade request. This kid should get a lot of minutes. They have back-to-back set starting tomorrow. I’m streaming, lets see.
  9. Lately every 4-5 games he has a huge line. Only 38% owned in Yahoo.
  10. Well I’m happy to see him grabbing boards lately, and I don’t mind the poor FT% but damn, I can’t stand the awful FG%. Someone need to slap his face hard enough to stimulate his brain.
  11. If it is another month I’m dropping but I wouldn’t know because the freaking Pelicans will leave us to wonder again.
  12. His plus/minus +23, good line apart from FG%. 32 Minutes. Good signs for the future.
  13. Nice! the moment this goon was starting to provide value he injured himself (again). Would not pick again, at least not in the first six rounds.
  14. Exactly, some patience is definitly needed.
  15. What kind of league you guys are playing? if Mirotic or Barton are going back to their top form they are individually equal to Griffin's ROS value in 9-cat.
  16. Gladly I had 10 players so Barton stayed on my bench. It will be a bumpy ride for a while.
  17. I'm starting to worry that he may not get the 32 minutes a game we are hoping for when he is back (if he ever). Malik Beasley is playing too good.
  18. I can already see the obvious update on Jan. 16-17 telling us that he will miss at least another week.
  19. Some relief at least. hopefully in 2-3 weeks we will get the 2.5 Treys 17 Pts 9 Reb Mirotic back.
  20. Welcome to the season mister Wiggins. Keep playing aggressive and you may be a relevant player.
  21. Well, it is better than the usual Out a day before the game, but he will be Out tomorrow so who cares.
  22. He means he is as close as humanity is close to inhabite mars.
  23. I feel like every Will Barton owner got Mirotic or some other long time injured player as well. Barton's curse?
  24. It will be funny since I had LeVert and dropped him right after I saw his injury since I already had Barton INJ and Cousins in IL. I traded out Cousins but now I have Mirotic, Lebron and Barton and only last night got Lowry back. I lost 7-2 the last three matchups and fell from 1st in the league to 7th.
  25. The next couple of weeks? are you kidding me? he even made any progress since November? What the hell is going on with this guy. by the time he will be back my already injured team will slip off the playoff race.