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  1. The title pretty much says it all. Looking to expand my dynasty league participation this year and didn't realize how rare the league I started in was until I started looking for another. I'm open to either startup or a team takeover. Every league is different, so I'll offer a priority list of what matters most to me: 1. Hosted on Fantrax - all my other leagues are, and I'm not looking to use multiple platforms. 2. H2H - mandatory. I don't enjoy roto leagues. I am flexible about points or cats, but prefer points. 3. Contract league. I prefer it to keep forever, and round values are more complicated and less realistic to me. 4. Deep MiLB roster - I like to speculate and build for the future. I think 20 is about the perfect number of prospects, but a little more or less is fine. Probably 30 max, or there are a lot fewer interesting decisions about who to keep/pick up. 5. 12-16 teams - Less, and there's not as much challenge in a shallow player pool. More than 16, and you spend too much time debating which scrubs to start. 6. Cost - I like some buy-in, but I'm not in it for the money. I just like that it helps with commitment vs. a free league. That said, I'm a school teacher, so I'm not made of money! I'd consider a perfect league that cost more, but like I said it's not about winning $ for me. I just love the game. contact me at billcurtin at the g mails.
  2. interested in seeing the rules and setup - billcurtin at the g mail