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  1. Of course he will chase the money to San Fran and then wonder why his stats go down and his team can’t win and it will be all his agents fault.
  2. I hope he goes to Philly and trys to win a championship there, it only makes sense. He would play in the same division as the Nats so he could “stick” it to them and he can join a real team instead of the Giants. We will see, I think he decides in March.
  3. I think its going to be the Giants as well, which only means it will be some mystery team like the Dodgers or Yankees.
  4. Bryce Harper liking and commenting on Hoskin’s Instagram picture of him at Spring Training in Clearwater 2 hours ago, just sign already dang it.
  5. Exactly, I think in keeper and redraft his value is a lot lower then in dynasty where he should go in the first three or four rounds since he’s only 24. I also think his value next year at this time will be a end of the 1st or 2nd round pick so I’m investing in a lot of leagues or trading for him where I can.
  6. If Carlos ends up in the bullpen who gets the five starting spots? Flaherty, Mikolas, Wainwright, Wacha, then who Gant? Dakota Hudson or Reyes. I don’t know but I think Carlos is better in that lineup and using the others in the pen.
  7. Exactly lol, which the Sox did. This gives the Phillies even more of a chance of signing Harper or Machado and possibly Kimbrel, puts them in a great spot to be a top contender this year. They also traded for Segura, which means they want to win now. Giving up even Sixto and others is worth a chance of winning a title.
  8. Also if the Phillies land Realmuto, does that show Harper or Machado that they are looking to win now and improve their squad as well.
  9. I am looking for managers for a new $50 dynasty league. Either 10- 12 teams H2H and either Categories or Stat Scoring. It is going to be a 27 man Yahoo roster with 10 man MiLB roster. The money will be deposited and kept on LeagueSafe so unfortunately only people from the US can be in the league due to restrictions for depositing money on league safe. The draft will be slow offline draft through Yahoo. We will have a draft for the yahoo roster which will only consist of non MiLB eligible players. Then we will have a 10 round MiLB draft where guys like vlad can be draft. To qualify for MiLB a player must be under 130 ABs and 50 IP. If you are interested or if you have any questions, send me a message. As soon as we either have 10 or 12 teams we can start drafting.