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  1. Other players on WW/FA: Boban, Saric, Iguodala, Kennard, Monte Morris, Looney, Maker, Zizic, F. Jackson
  2. 14 team H2H 9cat, team in signature Looking at the 5 stls/3 blks total today, sort of an outlier and I'm sure he won't repeat it but he does average close to 1 stl/1 blk per 36 minutes. Given his recent play I think he'll keep playing good minutes. I have 8th priority out of 14, highest of the four remaining playoff teams, but wondering if I use this that I won't regret being able to use it on someone who pops up later on WW that would be more of a sure thing. Definitely able to drop Connaughton, Hood, or Zeller if he doesn't get 'INJ' tag by Tuesday. Do you believe in Caruso's ROS enough to use a waiver claim on him in this position or just hope that he'll be available as a FA and I can pick him up before everyone else?
  3. 8 stocks... Feels like it's an outlier or something that was bound to happen. Can't tell at all
  4. As Bradley Beal recently said, "I hate the term 'glue guy'". Yes, he is unsung, but he is the eighth 50/40/90 shooter in NBA history, posting career highs in just about everything this season. Drafted him in the 10th round as my first PG for a punt-assist team and got double the expected value. He's a FT% anchor and shoots 50% on FG as a guard. Found a way to contribute meaningfully just about every game making 3s, grabbing rebounds, dishing assists, steals, low TOs. Will definitely draft with enthusiasm next season and the season after
  5. Does your league have weekly add limits? Mine doesn't. Is that why you say wait til mid-week, or for the reason that you may jump the gun on dropping someone who becomes valuable eventually and adding someone who doesn't pan out?
  6. I hope Giannis and Drummond pull through on the blocks for you! I'm first place with a first-round bye (this past week) and I was sitting pretty up until the week started when Zeller starts to miss a few games, Ibaka gets suspended through Monday of semifinals week, and the biggest now with losing Brogdon for the rest of the regular season. Really worried about how I'm going to start the week out against an opponent who doesn't seem to have many weak days in the upcoming week's schedule. Granted, he streams a lot of spots with WW players in a 14-team league, but anything can happen in these weeks. What should be 8 spots for me tomorrow (Monday) may be down to 6 if Kawhi plays today and sits out tomorrow on a back-to-back, plus Ibaka missing his third game. I also see that I'll have a full lineup Wed (overloaded)/Fri (overloaded)/Sun and wide open Tue/Thurs (just one player on a day with six games)/Sat. I recently added Delon Wright who I love for his defensive contributions and all-around game otherwise, but he doesn't play until Wednesday and I wouldn't even use one of my 10 spots to play him that night. Thinking about dropping him to stream for Mon/Tues and dealing with the consequence of someone else getting him and reaping the benefits. Also thinking about dropping Connaughton, who may become a hot add if he plays well today, since he doesn't play til Tuesday and I want to start the week off on a good note. Hoping Zeller gets the 'INJ' tag so I can throw him in my second IL space to stream someone if he isn't back by Tuesday. Bunch of ifs and maybes
  7. I think today will do a lot to answer that. With the minutes around 20+, you can see he finds a way to contribute somewhat meaningfully. Rebounds well for his size, has hit 8 threes in his last three games, might get some D stats
  8. Drop Wiggins, and definitely add Lopez. I'd drop Bradley or Portis for him
  9. The article Rankin is referring to - https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nba/suns/2019/03/15/phoenix-suns-t-j-warren-wants-return-ankle-injury/3179416002/
  10. Brunson is good in the cats you're punting, so its not really a move that makes you better in everything else besides assists really. Sabonis is a FG% and rebounding anchor most of the time. Too valuable of a player to drop for a hot FA. Maybe wait and see if someone gets hurt during your bye week to drop or put them in IL. Robinson or White would be the closest thing to drops but that's not something I'd want to do. You could consider J. Allen because he has a bad PO schedule and may get more games out of someone else, but also a very contrarian move. Just pay close attention during your bye week for now
  11. My league goes 14 teams with 15 spots + two IL so it looks feasible. Top 5 most added players available on my waivers rn are Caruso, House, Monte Morris, Kadeem Allen, and Connaughton
  12. If he's out does that make Connaughton an add? Seems like a guy who can post some good value if he plays 24 minutes
  13. I'd go with Gay, your team seems pretty well-rounded, and he can do the best in aggregating all the other categories you need